Your Husband is Probably Cheating If He Is Spending More Time at Work

Your Husband is Probably Cheating If He Is Spending More Time at Work

Your Gut Instinct is Your NO. 1 Friend

Well the answer to the above question is that you will never know if you do not look! A cheating husband or cheating wife will not display a certain set of behaviours or pre determined habits that may prove his infidelity. So unless you catch your spouse with his / her pants / panties down caught in the act with his / her lover, you will never know what is going on. The only tool that you can rely on for real in this game is that of your gut instinct – the intuitive signals that you receive indicating that something is indeed wrong. In surveys conducted on cheating couples, it is routinely discovered that a overwhelming majority of women harbouring suspicions of their husband’s infidelity indeed proved true while over 50 % of men’s suspicions proved to be true. Your gut instinct will rarely be proved incorrect when it comes to sniffing out inconsistencies in your spouse’s behaviour.

Signs to Look Out For

To begin with, your husband or wife may suddenly become either too sweet or too nasty, their voice may change tonality and colour when they speak to you at certain times, certain expressions on their faces that seem unnatural to them, they may seem nervous at times and become irritable and even behave contemptuously towards you. Over time, these mini signals gather up and register a pattern in your mind and this is what will create ripples of alarm in your mind. Let us examine the typical behaviours that a cheating spouse displays when he / she is cheating on you. Though seemingly harmless these behaviours can help build a solid case in your mind regarding your spouse’s infidelity.

Red Flag Behaviours Of a Cheating Spouse

The behaviour of a person when he / she is cheating on a relationship can be easily identified and slotted into classic patterns. Usually such behaviours will always elicit surprise and raise eyebrows. Though of course, these behaviours may be harmless and misconstrued on your part.

Spending More Time at the Office

Private Detectives Mumbai InfidelityOf the number of clients coming to us to monitor the activities of their spouses, we have observed that almost 40% of  them are having an affair with an office colleague and the same number of people conduct illicit liaisons with their colleague lovers while on outstation trips. As a husband or wife concerned about your spouse’s infidelity, the fact that your spouse is spending more time at work or is taking frequent business trips should set off alarm bells in your head.

Of course, we live in a highly competitive world and it is understandable that work pressures and deadlines have created unreasonable demands on a working professional’s life often intruding unfavourably over his / her personal time that could have been spent with the family. So your hardworking husband might in all probability be just pushing himself to prove himself at the workplace for professional advancement. Again as one of Mumbai’s top extra marital detectives, I would urge you to listen to your gut instinct and to watch closely all the tell-tale signs that may reveal a more sordid story than the one that you would like to believe! If the time that he is spending is hugely disproportionate to his professional status at the workplace and the amount of money that he brings home, then of course the fact remains that he is probably distracted by an affair. Or it may be the case that he just has to look for another job in which case a recruitment consultant is what he needs to speak to.

Wanting to Travel Alone On Business Trips

Is your spouse wanting to travel on business trips frequently? One surefire giveaway that your spouse is cheating on you could be the number of outstation trips that he / she wants to undertake. He / she may also want to travel to local events also all alone. Your spouse will be trying to console you by saying that they do not want to leave but it is highly urgent and that if they dont go, then there is the chance of the company losing out on a valuable contract. A compulsive cheater has an arsenal of logical excuses for reasoning their absence from home for long periods  and will often use close friends and close relatives as fronts for their escapades.

For couples where partners are n0t cheating, a business trip in the offing for one partner can often conclude into a small vacation of sort where the working spouse attends the seminar or conference or meeting that he / she is supposed to attend while the other partner gets to see the local attractions along with the kids and after work hours, the entire family gets to spend some quality time. This is of course a normal case scenario. It is not something that happens on every business trip but it is certainly something that the whole family undertakes atleast a couple of times a year – especially so, when it involves traveling to an unusual place or an exotic locale. But if the idea of a family vacation mixed with business never comes up and your partner insists on traveling alone always making excuses about why you and the kids cannot accompany him / her then this is indeed a matter of concern and set you thinking on hiring a private investigator to find out the details.

Remember the facts: Almost 40% of spouses claim to cheat while away on business trips. The reasons are aplenty and almost perfect for a sexcapde: A nice and comfy 5 star hotel room with lavish food, drinks and conveniences handy and with privacy guaranteed, anonymity guaranteed far away from the prying eyes of known folks and acquaintances and lastly a comfortable cover for the world to think that your spouse and his / her lovers are just in town for business!

Author Bio

Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – who are among the best detective agencies in Mumbai specializing in providing thorough Infidelity Investigation Services among other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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