How To Plan Your Wedding Outfits

How To Plan Your Wedding Outfits

Choosing a wedding outfit for a big fat Indian matrimony can be one of the most trying experience of the whole matrimonial affair especially if you have a limited budget or are hurting for time. Reserve the most expensive and ornate outfits for the wedding ceremony and reception, while you can go for the less elaborate ones for the smaller functions. Remember that you are not a sitting duck. You are the star attraction and you should make the most of your wedding celebrations in terms of fun and enjoyment. So choose clothing that is comfortable and easy to move around with. Keep the embellishments in the form of embroidery, sequins, lace etc. to the minimum and especially when these outfits are to worn for the engagement, mehendi or cocktail party. As long as the overall look is pretty, you should be sailing along just fine!

Pre Marital Shopping Ideas for Wedding Outfits

The Engagement


Brides Have All The Fun!

Elegant and subtle works best for the engagement outfits. A sari can the do the job very well. Remember to choose a beautiful and classy sari which is not too loud. The hues that may work best are traditional yet subtle and light: Try peach, pink, light blue-green, pale yellows. You could also try wearing a silk saree with a border that is thin with gold colouring.

The Sangeet

For the sangeet, choose something that is ornate but still casual – something that allows you the freedom to dance and frolic when the music comes on! You could wear a lehenga or sharara which has a small amount of detailing work. The colours that may work for you: mint, bright yellow, orange and electric combos of these colours or others like crimson red, cobalt or electric green.

The Mehendi

The buzzwords for the Mehendi are traditional, graceful, elegant. The go-to colours are ideally tints of green or


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red. Also do remember that you will have to sit still for what may seem like eternity while your bridal mehendi is being applied! So make sure that your outfit is comfortable and non-fussy. Also take into account the fact that the application of mehendi is messy. So avoid lighter outfits that may highlight the mess.

The Cocktail Party

Choose a Western or Indian ensemble but remember that the fittings have to be more flattering to your body shape this time around as this is a Western-style event as opposed to the formal and traditional engagement events and the main event. You could even try wearing a gown or a fusion of the two such as a corset top over a flowing skirt with a matching stole that is wrapped around the shoulders.

Red Alert

If you have invited narrow minded relatives from out of town, do remember that they will not understand your little black number. So in that case, try wearing a silk bandgala. It's hardly a compromise and it may end up winning you warm reviews and less-bitching relatives!

Pre Matrimonial Functions

For family gatherings and other matrimonial engagements, try wearing saris or salwar kameez sets. These will not only look flattering on you but are also sober enough for your relatives to have them all going goo-goo ga-ga over the future bride-to-be.

Religious Ceremony

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I Welcome You!

You should be definitely draped in something very traditional, opulent and demure for this one. You could try wearing one of those vintage wedding saris (even the one your grandmother wore on her wedding day!) – a Benarasi, Dharmavaram, Kanjeevaram Silk or even an ornate lehenga. It’s time to let your inner Parineeta out!

The Marriage Reception

You can wear something bolder for this occasion such as a lehenga coupled with a bustier or a designer sari with a backless choli. The advantage of wearing the latter is that you can always lift your pallu up over a bare back and let it drop when you are partying later. The current trend is to wear something glamorous for the marriage reception – something that is fun and Indian with a hint of skin. But then again, if you prefer to be the coy bride then you can you still go for something that is classic and heavily embellished and spectacular.

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