5 Strong Signs That Tell You That Your Spouse is Cheating on You

5 Strong Signs That Tell You That Your Spouse is Cheating on You

1. Work Functions & Parties are Strictly Off Limits for You

A Work function like an annual company get-together or a Diwali and Christmas Party is traditionally an event where the spouse is usually also invited. If your spouse has been insisting for the longest time that you cannot come to office functions then you must consider the possibility that he / she may be having an affair with a colleague or it may also be the case that your spouse’s colleagues know about an affair that your spouse is conducting and your spouse is thus trying to avoid situations where things may come out in the open. Your spouse knows that when people get drunk, tongues become loose and such situations can ignite a fire that your spouse does not want to create.

2. Cell Phone Switched Off for the Longest Time

If your spouse’s phone is switched off for a long duration of time and then makes the excuse that the phone’s battery had died out or that he / she was in a place where mobile network jammers were in place or something to that effect then there is cause for suspicion. Make no mistake, a situation such as this can happen once in a while. But if this sort of thing keeps happening regularly then it is indeed a ruse and a cover up and the real truth could indeed be saucier!

3. Wants to Maintain Secrecy About Phone, Email & Social Media Accounts

Does your spouse keep harping all the time about how important privacy and space is for couples? Well he / she is not wrong in demanding privacy and most couples in healthy relationships will not want the other to snoop around their accounts or phones with or without their permission. Wanting to keep things under wraps is a natural human tendency and does not necessarily imply that the other person has something to hide. However warning signs are if your spouse keeps receiving messages on his phone at odd hours and runs away from your presence to read or respond to them.  Or you have observed that sometimes he / she will just shift or close the internet browser when you are around. Or you may have seen someone constantly commenting on your spouse’s facebook page and when questioned your spouse does not shed too much light on that person’s identity.

4. Wants to Suddenly Be More Careful About Washing & Laundry

Anyone will tell you that having Sex or even plain making out is quite messy and can leave various tell tale signs on one’s clothes and on one’s body. There is usually an exchange of skin tissues, hair, saliva, bodily fluids, nicotine, soaps and perfume. Most people intimately know how their partners smell and a wrong smell or an alien lingering perfume can be an instant giveaway. A cheating spouse knows this and therefore wants to be extra careful about laundry, washing and dry cleaning and will also make an immediate dash for the bathroom upon reaching home – signs that you should not dismiss as a new quirk but rather something that needs more investigation.

5. Lack Of Intimacy

Lack of Intimacy can be a big red flag when it comes to decoding your spouse’s infidelity. But that does not mean that dry patches do not occur in healthy relationships. A lot of times, poor sex drive can also be attributed to business or professional tensions or physical symptoms and issues that may causing the problem. For most people and probably also you, a new relationship can also mean a surge in libido. So if your spouse is having a lot of sex, understandably he / she does not have any steam left for you! Also remember that if your spouse is having extra marital sex, chances are that he / she has also started developing feelings of love and devotion to the new partner – emotions which were earlier reserved exclusively for you. Also do remember that it is difficult for human beings to be close to two people at the same time. So the earlier warmth, giggles, cuddles, hugs and squeezes have disappeared and has been replaced by a cold and aloof personality.

Author Bio

Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – who are among the best detective agencies in Mumbai specializing in providing thorough Infidelity Investigation Services among other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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