Unique Wedding Invites and Creating Wedding Websites

Unique Wedding Invites and Creating Wedding Websites

One of the most exciting things for a bride is to see her name along with that of her fiance on a gorgeous wedding card inviting guests for the special day! Holding the card in the hands in all it’s beauty and solidity begins to also make the whole thing start appearing real. Here are some ideas on making an impressive wedding invitation:

In today’s world with men and women exposed to world media and with tastes becoming more sophisticated and eclectic, couples and families are increasingly using non-traditional design ideas and mediums.

The Matchstick Wedding Invite

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Airplane ticket wedding invites!

A couple of Mumbai journalists (name withheld on request) came up with a unique but simple idea – a matchstick stuck on a card with the copy reading: We Found Ours! They meant to say, ‘We found our match by using the matchstick as an allegory. How cool is that?! It was cheap, simple, quirky and eye-catching!

Another Mumbai couple decided to create a poster instead of a traditional wedding card. The couple described themselves as opinionated, argumentative and passionate. So they made a graphic caricature of themselves on the poster wearing gloves and standing inside a boxing ring. The heading read: A Glove Story!

A Bangalore girl aligned her marriage invite with that of her and her fiance’s passions by hiring a rural woman’s NGO Trust, to make the paper for the printing and to do the paisley block printing. She also worked with the head of the NGO to design a mehendi inset in mustard handmade paper with a red block print motif and a nikah insert in red and gold block printing. The two cards were bounded on the side with a bamboo strip. This unique move ensured that a unique wedding invite was made and one that was eco- and socio-friendly and on top of that earned the NGO some revenue and publicity as well since the name and website of the NGO as printed as a byline on the cards.

Cyber Shaadi – Wedding Websites

India looks ready to import a hugely prevalent western trend – Save the Date Wedding Websites. Lets face it, the internet and social media is the bets way to market and spread information in our hyperconnected world. If you fancy yourself as a child of the digital age and are enamoured with idea of creating a personal wedding website to share the details of your wedding with friends and family, then you must take the extra effort to get the website ready at least 3 months in advance of the big day. So what goes on your wedding website? Well, mostly practical information for your guests such as the dates, times and locations of your various wedding events. You could also include other details for out-of-towners like itineraries, accomodations, extra events and tips for sightseeing and shopping while the guests are in town.

There is also the fun stuff – the story of how the bride and the groom met, photos and videos of the early years and lives together, pictures and biographies of families, some trivia quizzes about the happy couple etc. etc. You are only limited by your imagination!

Technical Considerations for a Wedding Website

It makes sense to hire a web design house to create a wedding website the charges for which should not cross Rs. 1 lakh even for an intricate website with many pages and media content. If you look around, you may even find a freelance web designer to create a wedding website for you for as low as Rs. 25,000/-. Here are some points to keep in mind with inputs taken from our Marketing Head, Musician and Tech Guru Atin Dasgupta:

1. Keep the website design minimal, elegant and modern with plenty of white space. Do not clutter it up with too much design elements. Check this website for web design ideas – http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/wedding

2. Book your domain from godaddy.com such as www.arunwedsnalini.com or something similar. Also book your server space for your website from any of the thousands of shared server farms out there. https://ifastnet.com/portal/ is a reliable server company. Book a typical standard plan which will not cost you more than Rs. 700 rupees per year. Booking the website domain and renting server space is absolutely important before looking out for a web designer. This is so that you have total control over the domain and your future website. Because should your relationship with your web designer sour in the future, your web designer doesn’t have you by the balls!

2. Insist that your web designer use a CMS (Content management system) like WordPress and tell him / her to teach you to use the WordPress backend Dashboard after the job is done – which is super-easy to learn. This is so that you can begin to upload photo, vidoe and written content without the need to run to your web designer for every small updating and content changes that you may want on your wedding website.

3. A wedding website is not a large scale project. So good freelance web designers should be able to do the job. Put in a post on this facebook forum here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/mediajobsdaily/ saying “Looking for a WordPress Web Designer to create a Wedding Website. Budget Rs. 25,000/-. Please leave your details below‘ and you will be inundated with lots of replies from talented designers.

Do things differently so that everyone remembers you for the special and unique person that you truly are.

Author Bio

Tania Verma is the Head of Operations at Alliance One’s Pune Head Office. A mechanical engineer by education, she has a wide variety of experience in various fields such as manufacturing, consumer products and services and the Retail Sector. A strong operational person Tania gets the job done however tight the deadlines and however tough and arduous the task. She excels under pressure and maintains excellent relationships with our corporate clients as well as high net worth individuals all over India who have used the company’s services in the past and continue to do so. Having married recently she feels strongly about untruthful people taking advantage of others and has taken a deep and abiding interest in our pre matrimonial detectives in Mumbai business and leads our able team from the front.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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