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Preventing Employee Fraud

The Three Way Match

This is one area where technology can work against you. Even an employee with low technology skills can easily get a printer and create fake documents which could  fool an expert. Document falsification typically may include checks with altered payees or amounts, fake voided checks, fake or duplicate purchase orders, invoices, receiving documents, or altered time cards. Your internal control needs to be developed with a good understanding of your work flow and processes.

One technique that can help you enhance accounts payable internal control is a “three way match.” This refers to matching an invoice with a receiving document and a purchase order before an item is paid in accounts payable. The more documents that need to be forged, the lower the probability. Most banks offer “Positive-Pay” checking accounts. Basically when you run your payables you transmit a control file to your bank with check numbers, payees, and amounts. As the checks clear, the bank matches the clearing checks to your control file. If an amount or payee does not match, you are immediately notified and you may elect to pay or bounce the check.

Establish Multi Level Authentication & Approvals

Unique form numbering schemes may make documents tougher to falsify and easier to spot fraudulent documents. Accounts payable should only pay from an original invoice with an original authorizing signature of the person approving the payment. Again, once checks are signed, they should be mailed out directly and not returned to the check requestor. Duplicate payments may be a sign of fraud. Your accounts payable system may be able to automatically check for potential duplicate payments by comparing invoice numbers, vendors, amounts, and purchase orders. You should scan the payment register and look for document number sequences that don’t look right. There are companies that will come in and do an accounts payable audit to check for duplicate payments. Many of these audits are priced on a contingency basis and you may only have to pay for the audit if they detect and recover duplicate payments.

Sales return documents, voided sale documents, and credit/discount documents may be falsified to steal money from your company. For example, an employee may record a sales return for a return that never happened. If your system is not properly controlled, the employee could then direct the refund into their own pocket. You need to make sure you have proper segregation of duties to prevent this. A former accountant at Ikea issued himself refunds for purchases made by customers. In less than one year he was able to steal $400,000. Basic return controls could have prevented this fraud. Refunds should not be processed until returned goods are received back in the warehouse.

Analysis of spending variances to budget and prior year can help root out fraud. In addition, a regular analysis of all balance sheet accounts may help detect fraud, if not deter it. If employees know that accounts are regularly analyzed and variances and anomalies are investigated, they may be discouraged from perpetrating a fraud. Always analyze your processes and methodologies with a keen eye toward segregation of duties. The general rule is that asset custody (cash, checks, inventory, and other assets) and record keeping for those assets should always be done by different people.

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Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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