Reasons For Conducting Pre Marital Investigations

Reasons For Conducting Pre Marital Investigations

Everyone Must Conducted a Pre Marriage Verification

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Beware! Don’t Serve Tea to Crooks!

In India, it is no longer the wealthy and super rich who are concerned with verifying the background of future partners. Our pre marital background check business has seen an upward spiral over the years as marriages are being finalised through internet matrimonial agencies like or where con artists can be found aplenty. These con men and con women can very easily set up a paid profile on these websites and prey on those with comfortable resources and generous or lonely hearts. Many an unscrupulous person has latched onto someone with a steady income, good credit and a need for companionship – and then cleaned out their victim en route to their next sitting duck!

It is actually quite easy for a person to hide his / her true history in today’s world. Our hyperactive mobile society with our 100 story towers where neighbours are strangers lends the con artist a great deal of anonymity. Anonymity can lead to ease of deception. Most clients who are smart and know that information is power come to us before their own (or their son or daughter’s) wedding is finalized in order to confirm that the background of the to-be bride or bridegroom is clean and unblemished.

A simple background check conducted by a reputed private detective agency experienced in such matters will usually let out all the skeletons in the cupboards of the suspect if there are any. Apart from the usual education verification, job verification, address verification and character verification, a very important check that must always be conducted is to search for arrest records which will throw up past convictions and brushes with the law if any. Although not proof of wrongdoing, a person arrested for a crime in the past and one that he is hiding from everyone definitely warrants further investigation to dig deeper.

A lot of women who call our agency for a pre matrimonial verification suspect that the man they plan to marry may be already married. Another common concern from the girl’s side is to confirm whether the man is actually the person that he represents himself to be, especially if he lives at a great distance from the girl’s home and travels a lot. The number of men requesting the above has also grown over the years. While there are many reasons why a background check should be conducted on someone, the below reasons are the most reported.

Common Reasons To Do A Pre Matrimonial Background Check on a Bride or Groom:


Don’t Let The Sweet Words Fool You!

1. Provides very little information about himself. Is not available on most weekends and holidays.

2. Provides only a cell phone number and usually doesnt answer the phone and returns calls much later.

3. Receives a number of phone calls that he chooses to keep private.

4. Will not frequent certain parts of town or specific businesses or restaurants with the girl.

5. Runs into people whom he forgets or ignores introducing her.

6. Never invites her to his home or lives in a seedy house or drives an old jalopy even though he claims to be successful.

7. Never discloses anything about his parents nor siblings.

If even one or two of the above points are present, then a pre matrimonial verification must definitely be done. You will be surprised to know how many times a check conducted by a detective agency can reveal either an undisclosed home or a wife or husband of which our client is totally unaware. The harsh reality is that the client’s loved one has abandoned his genuine often tarnished reputation behind and attempted to portray a false image to the client.

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Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – who are among the best private detective agencies in Mumbai specializing in providing thorough husband wife cheating investigations among other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high.

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