You Have Decided On Your Wedding Date Now What?

You Have Decided On Your Wedding Date Now What?

You have decided on the date of your wedding. It is now time to create a breakdown of activities that you can do between the present moment and the grand wedding day.

Six Months Before The Wedding

pre marriage detectives mumbai1. The key to success or achieving anything worthwhile in life is through visualisation. Visualising what you want to achieve clearly in your mind’s eye helps you to create desire, motivation and help from others to achieve clearly what you set out to achieve in the first place. So sit still and think through in your mind’s eye the scale, style and design of your dream wedding!

2. The basics of wedding planning begins with – start with budgeting (read our budgeting tips for your wedding here), deciding on the wedding date and drawing up the guest list. Also think about the activities, parties and get togethers that you plan to have before the wedding date.

3. This is also the time to decide on whether you want to have a wedding planner or not. Wedding planners (or atleast the good ones) will be booked well in advance so if you would like to hire a reputable one, you musty do so immediately.

4. ‘Destination Weddings’ are the ‘in’ thing and it goes without saying that if you plan to have a wedding in an exotic locale, then you must book and decide on the location right away. Refer to this really useful guide to planning exotic wedding destinations in India that we guest wrote for this UK blog.

5. Though a western tradition that has gathered steam in the internet age, we thinks that you must send out ‘Save the Date’ notices in the form of cards, emails or website landing pages to anyone and everyone whom you intend to call especially out-of-station guests. Looking for design ideas for ‘save the date’ cards but are stuck and cannot find a designer? In today’s connected world, there is no need to rely on local graphic designers. Simply go to this website called Graphic River and download ‘save the date’ designs for 5 dollars – that’s like 400 bucks! Click here to choose and buy from lots of designs made by some of the best designers in the world!

6. Nothing can be a greater motivation than getting into great shape and toning up your body than your wedding. It is now time to rope in that personal trainer, join that yoga class and start eating healthy so that you looking younger and feel better!

7. It is also time to start shopping for the trousseau and other marriage outfits – an activity that is of much joy to one class of women and a cause for great consternation for another – though I feel the former would outnumber the latter! If you want to hire a designer, then you must keep in mind that designer couture can take more than 3 months to get ready. If you plan to buy ready-made then you can delay your trousseau shopping decisions for much later. Also remember that whether you go for designer or ready-made, you may need multiple alteration fittings for every outfit. You will also need time to pick the right accessories, jewelry, footwear and lingerie that needs to go with the ensembles that you are planning to buy or get designed.

8. Finally make sure that accommodations for out-of-station guests are booked well in advance depending on the number of guests that you have planned to begin with. You may choose between hotel rooms, bungalows or serviced apartments depending on your budget and your status.

Five Months Before the Wedding

1. Book your Pandit if you are a Hindu.

2. It is also now time to find out the best and most affordable local vendors in your market for every part of your marriage event: the marriage venue, florists, graphic designers & stationary printers, caterers (most venue managers will suggest their favored caterers while some venues have fixed caterers and do not offer you a choice) and the DJ or music band if you would like a live performance. Marriage blog Mumbai IndiaRead a past article here about planning your wedding team and location. Here’s one more about choosing marriage venues and florists.

Four Months Before the Wedding

It is now time to take out time to exclusively schedule daily meetings with all the selected vendors and service providers so that you can now create a roadmap about the schedule and preparations leading upto the marriage. You must also create deadlines for work to get done, viewing and okaying of samples.

Three Months Before the Wedding

1. Its Shopping time! Yay! You can now officially begin shopping for gifts to exchange with the groom’s family.

2. You must also sit down with the selected pandit and work out a schedule for the marriage ceremony. You will have to draw up a list of all the essentials that you will need to purchase for the wedding rites.

 Two Months Before the Wedding

1. A visit to the tailor must be scheduled to take measurements and initial fittings for all your marriage regalia.

2. Also place an order for bespoke jewelry that you may be getting made because it takes at least two weeks to create and deliver custom made jewelry and other glittering adornments. ‘

3. It is also time to contact the stylist who will do up your hair and make-up on your wedding day and also for other events. We advise that you must conduct a trial session with your stylist to ensure that that you are happy with the final look well in advance. Similarly book the mehendi artist around this time and also get a trial done if you are not able to get a clear idea of their expertise from their photo portfolios.

4. Music plays a huge role in modern Indian weddings and most DJ’s and bands (even the not-so-popular ones) will be heavily booked during wedding season. It pays to book these class of entertainers well in advance!

5. If your marriage celebrations include a sangeet then you must also book a dance choreographer who will bring his / her own dancers as well as help teach you and your family to dance a well choreographed routine that will be sure to elicit cheers and whistles from your guests.

6. You must also give your Notice of Intended Marriage in writing to the Marriage Officer of the districts where both you and your groom have been residing for atleast a month. If there are no objections to your union (and we are hoping there arent!) then you will have to go back a month later to solemnize your marriage along with 3 witnesses.

One and a half Months Before the Wedding

Matrimonial Detectives Mumbai Pune1. It is now time to make any last abrasive or harsh cosmetic treatments to your skin or hair i.e. only after your skin specialist advises you of course (we are hoping you are consulting a qualified doctor!). This is because harsh dermal treatments though mostly positive often return unflattering results for certain women and thus ill effects of these treatments in any will disappear by the time your marriage date approaches.

2. Marriage Invitations should also be positively mailed or emailed 3 – 6 weeks in advance before the wedding date.

One Month Before the Wedding

1. If you belong to the swish and elite circles, then your high flying girlfriends or young female relatives may decide to throw a hen party or a bridal shower around this time. Do not resist this because you will end up being seen as a bore and a spoilsport. Enjoy the party however risque or naughty the hen party might be and remember to thank everyone for arranging it.

2. It is also time to now meet the these days much-in-demand wedding photographer and video grapher. Read our extensive guide here on choosing the best photographer for your wedding.

3. As mentioned before you and your groom will have to pay a final visit to the local Marriage Registrar’s office to solemnize your marriage.

4. Also check back with all your service providers and vendors to confirm all plans and to ensure that deadlines and delivery promises will be kept as scheduled.

 Two Weeks Before the Wedding

1. Visit your tailor / fashion designer to get the final fittings ready for all your wedding outfits. Any final alterations must be made on the spot and you must go back home armed with bags and bags of gorgeous dresses!

2. You must also confirm all the out-of-towners who will be dropping in and also check whether there are enough rooms and beds. You will also have to personally contact those who haven’t rsvp’d yet and confirm their attendance.

 One Week Before the Wedding

1. Your outstation guests will have started arriving by now. Make time off to meet them and ensure that they are well aware of the itinerary of the proceedings and ensure that a trusted family member is Best Matrimonial Detectivesalways there to take care of their needs.

2. Its time to finish off with all the beauty essentials: facials, threading, spa treatments, waxing, Manicures / Pedicures. Remember that all treatments that are going to be done on your exteriors will be mild and not harsh so as to ensure that rashes or other breakouts do not take place closer to your wedding date.

The Big Day!

1. Hair and make-up done by your trusted stylist.

2. Enjoy your wedding!

Post Wedding

1. Enjoy your honeymoon with you newly minted husband!

2. Settle down into your new home.

3. Sit down and send thank you notes to everyone who matters to you and to those who took special pains to ensure that your wedding went off smoothly.

4. Sit down and start categorizing your wedding photos and videos and begin the process of sharing them with friends and family through uploads on social media sites.

Congratulations you are now a bride! Welcome to your life ahead with husband and raising a beautiful family!

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Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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