Best Covert Surveillance Detectives in Mumbai

What is Covert Surveillance

Covert Surveillance or Hidden Surveillance is Surveillance in which the surveillance is not intended to be known to the person under surveillance. Covert wire taps, hidden cameras, cell phone intercepts, and unauthorized snooping are examples of covert surveillance. Most covert surveillance is unlawful in India and requires special permission such as a warrant, or other ‘just cause’ for its execution. The definition for ‘just cause’ varies greatly and it is advisable to call us and consult us to find out the reason that you would like to conduct Covert Surveillance on a person.

Covert Surveillance is commonly used in law enforcement, espionage, and unlawful activities by criminals and the underworld. It is also known to be conducted by several business organisations on their rivals. The jargon term ‘black’ is sometimes used to refer to covert operations, the deeper the black, the more secret it is! Some aspects of covert surveillance in retailing or the workplace are currently lawful, but are being challenged by privacy advocates who feel that prior notice of surveillance activities and clear identification of surveillance devices should be mandated by law.

Is Covert and Clandestine Surveillance the Same Thing

Covert means masked, concealed, or hidden. Covert activities are those which involve disguises, hidden equipment, camouflage, and shrouded activities intended to have a low probability of detection.

Clandestine means Secret, surreptitious, stealthy, sneaky, furtive. Thus, a detective hiding behind a curtain in a window using binoculars to view someone from a distance is engaging in covert behavior, whereas a detective standing in plain sight in normal attire but secretly monitoring someone’s activities is behaving in a clandestine manner. Similarly, a corporate agent wiretapping a competitor is engaged in covert surveillance while a corporate representative chatting at lunch with a competitor without revealing his or her agenda is engaged in clandestine surveillance.

Covert Surveillance technologies can be categorized in a number of ways:

• according to the physical nature of the technology itself (infrared, X-ray, visual, etc.),
• according to the type of data derived (visual, aural, digital, etc.), or
• according to the nature of the surveillance with respect to the awareness of the person being surveilled.

Best Clandestine Surveillance Operatives in Mumbai

Covert Surveillance Mumbai IndiaAlliance One probably has the finest clandestine surveillance operations team in the country today. Clandestine Surveillance involves a system or its functioning which is in the open but is not obvious to individuals or masses of people. The functions of two-way surveillance mirrors above cash registers and entrance cameras encased inside aesthetically streamlined domes are obvious to professionals and the personnel who requisitioned and installed them, but they are not obvious to surveillees.

For example, customers outside a financial institution at which a dome camera had been installed overlooking the sidewalk and street were quizzed about the camera. In every case the person queried was surprised to be told that the black and silver dome was a security camera. Because all the cameras inside the building were in plain site (not covered with domes), the individuals had wrongly assumed that the dome outside was a new light fixture (which it resembled). This type of clandestine surveillance, in which the device is not overtly hidden but is nevertheless inconspicuous, due to its placement, size, coloration, or design, is typical of surveillance in many public areas including shopping malls, banks, and educational institutions.

Our team can design and create such prototypes from scratch and produce, test and implement them on a large scale.

For examples of the types of devices that can be used for covert surveillance please visit our Surveillance Page here

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