Best Missing Persons Detectives in Mumbai

While locating a missing person can be as serious as finding a kidnapped child, a runaway teenager, a birth mother, a tenant, anyone who owes you money, a runaway husband or wife, or the key witness who saw the accident two years ago or that old sweetheart from ten years earlier – we can help you find that person you have been looking for. We have an excellent record of locating missing persons in a vast populous country like India. Locating missing persons forms about ten percent of our work load and we take this work very seriously because for children and teenagers to go missing in India for too long is dangerous! The way the laws are set up today in India, when you report your teenager missing, the authorities don’t actively start to search for your child. This is where we come in.

Whether it’s a family member or an old lover, the chances are you will need to locate someone at least once in your lifetime. Missing persons can be broken down into three general categories:

Misplaced Persons

This will be the largest segment of missing persons. This covers things like the missing witness who saw your car accident, the old girlfriend from five years ago who you’d like to meet, or perhaps even the brother you haven’t heard from for a few years. These are people that are neither missing nor intentionally hiding.They’re just misplaced. In others words, they’re out there some place, but you just don’t know where they’re at.


A skip is someone who is hiding from you deliberately. This could be an ex-husband, a fugitive from justice or the guy that owes you twenty grand. He’s out there, he’s living, he’s spending money, enjoying life,and hiding from you and his responsibilities. 


Runaways generally are children betweenthe ages of twelve and seventeen. A typical scenario would be for little Simran who went out with Rahul Friday night, and then failed to come home. You find yourself in a panic Saturday morning, wondering if she’s in trouble somewhere or involved in an accident, without a clue on how to begin trying to locate her. And the response at the local police station does not really help matters.
We have located debtors, absconders, runaways across India. Give us a call. We will be able to help you with immediate search, action and rescue initiatives
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