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Apart from background checking we can also help you carry out lifestyle assessments which will use a medley of techniques as outlined below.

A Subject Study

A subject study is the complete and systematic study and analysis of a person under investigation. The purpose of the subject study is to learn as much as possible about the subject’s character, personality, habits, lifestyle, finances, activities, and motivation, so that adequate planning can be accomplished to further an investigation or to conduct surveillance. In our investigations, much of this information is provided to us by our clients, and other aspects of the subject are learned by database searches conducted before the surveillance begins.

In conjunction with area casing, a complete study of the subject must also be accomplished to understand how he or she fits into the environment. The following are some of the assessments that we can provide of a person depending on the type of investigation:

• Detailed physical description of subject and her or his clothes and shoes. Photographs will be provided especially from the back and sides.

• Finances, credit cards, spending habits, and location of banks used.

• Mannerisms, personal habits, walk, gait.

• Description of any vehicles owned or used by subject, friends, relatives, and associates.

• Transportation habits and routes used.

• Hobbies.

• How does subject spend leisure time?

• Daily habits and routines.

• Work habits and schedule.

• Assessment of the probable degree of suspicion the subject may have toward being under investigation or surveillance.

• Personality.

• Motivation and ambition.

• Character.

• Arrest record and database checks.

• Travel history and currency of passports.

• Names, addresses, locations, and identities of associates and places frequented. An attempt should be made to fully identify all persons contacted by subject.

Preparation is certainly one of the key ingredients in a surveillance operation, and knowing how to adequately prepare for that surveillance and then doing it will go a long way toward making your job of starting legal proceedings against someone both easier and more successful. Lifestyle Assessments can be done separately or clubbed as part of covert and clandestine surveillance.  

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