How To Pick the Best Date For The Big Marital Union

The Best Date Is The Most Auspicious One

Since the day you’ve met your fiance, you have been dreaming of the big day. In most cases, you will pick the most convenient day but then in India where religious beliefs have to be taken into consideration, it is not uncommon for brides and bridegrooms to select the most mutually acceptable auspicious date so that the couple can set off on their lives together with divine blessings!

wedding blog mumbaiDifferent religions have different pre marital calendars. Muslim couples will consult the lunar calendar and will push for a marriage on their saad dates. Christians and Sikhs will hold their weddings on Sundays. Christians also have a tradition of attending pre marital counselling sessions with their priest on weekends so that they can receive the certificate from the church that they want to get married in. Hindu Pandits will solemnise a marriage only during auspicious times. Starting off on the Hindu ritualistic date setting process, an astrologer will first and foremost match the bride’s and groom’s horoscopes. 36 attributes are compared while ensuring a minimum of 18 matches. The couple’s cosmic charts are then checked for inauspicious moments – this is highly crucial. Many a times, even if the horoscopes are well matched but the cosmic bodies are not in a favourable position, marriage alliances are not recommended. A few days in a year when there is no shaadi ka saaya also have to be taken into account. Once the priest, pandits, astrologers and / or family elders approve of a few potential wedding dates, the couple and the immediate families should ideally pick the one that is most convenient. You must take into account work schedules and other potential conflicts at the same time. One of the most commonsensical things to do is to check whether the favourite venues are available on any of the shortlisted dates. Also the comfort of guests must be taken into account ensuring a date that will make it easier for the guests to travel and stay for the wedding. A late December date would be great for cousins who are in school abroad so that they can travel back to India, a weekend would suit your working friends while a winter weeknight would be rather apt for a wedding in India as opposed to sweltering weekend in the hot summer months!

The Most Popular Days of the Wedding Season

Most brides desire to get married in the winter months but if there havent been too many auspicious dates for a while in a particular calendar year, then there are a directly proportional number of couples waiting to get hitched at just the right time which is coincidentally the same time as you. Records have been set in the city of Delhi in the past with as many as a min-boggling 20,000 weddings in one night!

Remember that if you are sharing your marriage night with thousands of other couples in your city, more demand will drive up prices and cause bottlenecks and delays. Trying to book your preferred venue, decorators, caterers and music might become an insurmountable task because then the best vendors will create a bidding war with preference being given to those who are willing to pay top bucks. Also even if vendors are not charging top bucks, they may become overbooked and may get stuck in logistical problems such as heavy traffic. The same traffic logjam could also delay the bridegroom’s arrival. The Pandit and even your guests might not be able to stay for long as they have to attend multiple events in one day and also battle the traffic due to which they will have to leave earlier than you have anticipated.

The Sunny Side

But its not all doom and gloom. There is a bright and sunny side to having your marriage during the height of the wedding season. You can then plan on a shorter ceremony. You could invite a large number of guests but at the same time, order lesser number of plates at the caterers since it is likely that 25 % of your guests may prefer to eat at one of the later weddings that they will be attending that night.

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Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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