Some Essential Internet Banking Safety Rules To Follow


Cyber Crime is Closer to You Than You Think Internet banking is convenient and almost everyone I know these days checks their bank balance online, transfers and receives money online all from the comfort of their desktops, laptops and even smartphones. But the joyride of convenience can quickly hurtle into disaster as Kandivli resident Chinmay […]

KPMG’s Latest India Fraud Survey Kicks Up Some Dangerous Statistics


I was intrigued recently when the KPMG India fraud survey 2012 (download it here) threw up a shocking conclusion – Corporate India dubs rising fraud as an inevitable cost of business.  Close to 55 % of respondents polled indicated that their organisations experienced fraud in the last two years vis-à-vis 45 % in the 2010 edition of KPMG’s fraud survey. However, it […]

All the Nitty Gritties For Planning Your Perfect Wedding


Preparing For Your Wedding Make a list Preparing for your wedding is like taking on another job! Reduce the impact on your normal life by writing out a schedule of the important things which you must keep aware of. Keep this list handy and refer to it when needed. You may need to adjust it to fit your […]

How To Make The Windows Of Your Home More Secure


Secure Your Windows For Increasing Home Security Residential Security is Greatly Improved by Securing Your Windows Glass in windows can be easily smashed, like any other form of glass. But any burglar would prefer to provide a much quieter way of gaining access to property, without having to resort to such a noisy method as […]

Information on the Best Security Systems For Your House


Which type of security system is best? The answer to this question lies with you and your protection needs. Generally, a perimeter security system is better for those with: • Small children • Expensive merchandise • High crime area • Large budget • Desire to keep the intruder on the outside of the home An interior […]


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