Accusing Your Spouse Of Cheating Without Proof

Accusing Your Spouse Of Cheating Without Proof

Let us say that you are in a situation where you suspect that your wife or husband is cheating on you and you have put together a list of suspicious activities and in spite of some snooping around there is still no proof of anything that proves that your wife or husband is cheating on you. You technically have two options in front of you – either you call off the snooping and decide to live with the supposed cheating or you if you are a self-respecting individual you will dig deeper and find out the truth.

But digging deeper has it’s costs. Mainly there is the big moral dilemma – just how far can you spy on your wife, husband or fiancee. Would you like to hack into his / her email, Facebook and Whatsapp accounts? Would you go ahead and obtain phone call records of your spouse from a private detective? If so, you will have to ask yourself how you would feel after doing this. How would you feel if you found evidence of your husband or wife exchanging lewd messages or making plans with the new lover for a secret escapade! Will you be able to control your emotions then?


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Be Careful Before Accusing!

You know at some point you are going to have to talk to your spouse. You may have gathered all the information you can, gone through every possible reasoning or excuse, jotted down your feelings or insecurities and discussed the matter with someone near to you. You know that this issue can now no longer be kept hanging in the world of doubts and suspicions. It is time to confront him / her. But how do you do it?

It all depends on your personality. Some people are born to confront! For them confrontation is like breathing and they have no qualms about barging into a situation and explaining how they feel with great clarity. But for the rest, confrontation is difficult to even imagine let alone planning for it to happen. Do remember that whatever type of conversation that you are going to have with your spouse, it is going to be highly charged and emotional. Be very honest here: You are going to have a conversation that could be a turning point in your life and maybe not for the better!

Either of you or both of you will walk out of the conversation feeling raw and emotional and possibly heartbroken. You may have to suddenly deal with unsettling issues such as a place to stay or how to break this to your children if yo because this will allow them to go on with their double life. Other cheaters though are hoping that you will confront them because they themselves are too timid to come out in the open about their guilty behaviour. In either case, it is vital for you to deal with your fears and confront your spouse.

Confrontation Without Proof

How you approach this situation is dependent on the kind of proof that you already have with you. If you simply acting on suspicion but do not have any kind of proof with you to support your claims then your approach needs to be different. One thing that you must definitely avoid is walking into the confrontation with the question – “Are you cheating on me?” Chances are the reply to that question irrespective of whether your spouse is guilty or not is going to be “No! Of course not!”

If he / she is not cheating on you, then they will answer honestly and probably be hurt by the question. And if he / she is cheating on you then since lying has now become a habit, the answer will also be a lie. You will rarely get an honest confession at this stage.

At this point you must really think about your approach. Imagine for a moment that the tables have been turned and that your spouse is coming to you with this question. And consider that you are not cheating and have never ever imagined that you would cheat. And then your spouse unexpectedly hurls these accusations at you ans accusing you of the worst kind of betrayal. You would probably think that your spouse has gone crazy and you would also be hurt at the accusation. So before you start voicing your suspicions and start throwing accusations at your husband or wife at the risk of ruining a stable relationship, you need to assess the situation carefully. Accusing your spouse of cheating is not the same as accusing them of eating the last piece of Ferrero Rocher chocolate in the fridge! It should not be treated lightly.

Discuss Core Issues

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Talk About It!

If you do not have any proof except your gut instinct and the late nights at work then it should not be the kind of confrontation you see in soaps and movies! Instead it should be a conversation about your marriage and about how you want to make it work and discuss the things that are not working and can be improved upon. Because come to think about it whether your spouse is cheating or not, there must be things in your relationship that are not working and you are unhappy. In a true partnership you have to have these difficult conversations some times. It is not sexy or dramatic but this is how relationships – or at least the successful ones – work. Sometimes you have to sit down and muddle your way through the things that make you uncomfortable.

Has he had one too many late nights and he comes home when you have gone off to sleep with the result that you haven’t even seen him for a few days. Tell him that. Discuss the fact that you are highly concerned at the fact that he is never around and is disinterested in family time. Is she spending too much time at the gym and hanging around even after the gym with her gym trainer or yoga instructor on some pretext or the other? Ask her what was the big motivator and and tell her that you’d like to spend more time together, perhaps a walk at the beach in the mornings or taking up a new sport together.

Has she been super critical of you lately? Inform her about how it makes her feel degraded and humiliated. Do remember that when you step into these kind of conversations, you must not end up putting your partner on the defensive with your accusations. Be sure to use more of the word ‘I’ instead of ‘You’ whenever you are discussing your concerns. Do not enter these conversations with ‘you neglect me’ but rather, ‘I feel lonely and feel that we are growing apart because I never see you anymore!’ Avoid saying, “You treat me like trash” but rather, “I feel horrible when you talk to me like that”. Focus on what you feel rather than what they do so that they can see that you are feeling hurt and dejected.

Keeping a Relationship is Work

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Make The Marriage Work!

Keeping a relationship is work and if you are really committed to each other, both of you will ensure that you will do whatever it takes to make it work. There is definitely compromise involved here, but generally speaking when one partner sees that the other is hurting, then they will try to correct the situation. Remember that you are not avoiding the main issue here by concentrating on all these other aspects but actually you are taking time to discuss the core issues that are often at the heart of infidelity to begin with. I honestly hope that you are having this conversation before your partner actually strays away from you. Because this is actually the kind of conversations that married couples must have – it is part of the work that keeps a marriage going.

But if it is too late and your partner has already strayed away from you, this conversation could act as an eye-opener to your relationship and could be an indication of where your marriage will head towards the future – ‘happily ever after’ or ‘on the rocks’. Note the reactions of your partner when you discuss these issues. Is he zoning out and is least concerned about your feelings? Is he attentive and willing to take some steps to make things better? Because chances are that if he / she is being stubborn and churlish and if they hardly seem to be concerned about your distress this is a giant RED FLAG! Even if he / she is being faithful, your emotional well-being is not being taken into account as it must and that can only mean disaster for a relationship. I must however add that not every person is open and willing to discuss their feelings. Most Indian men including me fall into that category! I know I am horrible at it and though I am divorced now, whenever my ex-wife wanted to talk about some aspect of my relationship, it used to make me cranky! However if a person has legitimate concerns and has been hurt by something that the spouse has said or done, it is the job of the spouse to sit down and listen to it and work on a solution to make it better. That is what every man and woman signs up to do whenever they get married!

In the end, if you cannot move forward with your spouse in spite of repeated attempts on your behalf to make the marriage work and your spouse is showing a complete lack of caring and willingness to try to make the relationship better then you may want to reevaluate whether your marriage is really working and take stock of your marriage and your life because your marriage may have already ended and by prolonging it you would simply be beating a dead horse! Your spouse may or may not be cheating but an unwillingness on his / her part to work on the relationship is a sign that there is trouble and it is going to stay that way for long.

In my next article on infidelity, I will write about confrontation when you have definite proof. This is where infidelity investigators like us come into the picture and armed with damning evidence, you now have actual evidence that your spouse is cheating. It is definitely a more emotionally charged and difficult situation. I will talk about how to confront your partner with this proof in your hand.

Author Bio

Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – who are among the best infildety investigator in Mumbai specializing in providing thorough husband wife cheating investigations among other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high!

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Medical Fraud in India

Medical Fraud in India

As one of the best private investigators in India, it is a privilege for me to write this blog and reach out to our clients and website’s visitors who land up on our blog to find out more about our unique and intriguing profession. I guess I am the only private investigator in India who regularly maintains a blog on private investigation! That makes me one of a kind! Let me touch upon ‘Medical Fraud‘ something that I have been called upon to investigate more than once. Insurance companies are usually at the receiving end of this fraud. Some unethical Doctors and other medical service providers are the usual suspects behind this fraud because they are in a good position to defraud insurance companies. A growing number of doctors and medical service providers often have a side business of inflating their patient’s bills. Otherwise respectable and eminent doctors have also been known to commit this fraud occasionally – either for extra income or to offset some losses.


Check That Bill Carefully!

It is a fact that most patients do not scrutinize their medical bills unless the bill is more expensive than what they expected to shell out. Also in the cases where patients do go through the billing items in detail, it is well nigh impossible for them to fully understand whether they are being taken for a ride. Medical criminals know this and exploit this. Some medical service providers are highly experienced at this and are known to spread their charges over a wide range of patients and dates. Over and above existing patients, these professionals have also been known to charge for visits and services for patients who were never seen. Also many a times, a refund will be sent to patients and due to the fact that the patient benefits they just overlook this and let it go. So patients also become silent accomplices to fraud because they allow it to continue. Because of these factors, sometimes patients end up paying fraudulent medical bills for years before the deceit is uncovered.

Some doctors advice patients to file a personal injury claim even when the patient is not injured. Other cases that come to us include lawyers who claim that their client was injured on someone’s property when no one except his own witness can verify the facts of the said injury. These unscrupulous lawyers and their cronies deliberately stage accidents, destroy property and fake injuries in order to claim hefty insurance.

Organised Criminal Enterprises

fraud investigators mumbaiThen there are the mafias that are in the business of fraudulent billing of insurance companies. By robbing insurance companies these mafias are also robbing the consumer because the insurance companies pass on these losses in the form of hefty premiums on the common man. There have been entire clinics that have been set up with the intent to file false claims. Patients who have a similar criminal temperament are called upon to become allies. As an ethical private investigator and a dutiful citizen here’s a small request – If you are aware that fraudulent medical claims are being filed under your nose, report it to the insurance company!

Private Detectives like us often have to go undercover when trying to solve a suspected false medical claims case. Depending on the severity of the claim, we may have to become patients or even employees of these doctors! This is the only way to obtain first hand information that can be duly testified. Sometimes patients can also be placed under surveillance. Many a times, patients can be convinced to testify against the doctor or his / staff in return for immunity from prosecution. These are tricky situations and always we always tread carefully when faced with such assignments.

Corporate Fraud Investigations India

Let me also touch upon some common corporate fraud investigations that we routinely undertake:

Product Liability Investigations

This type of investigation places us – the investigator – on one side of a claim and against the manufacturer and usually the distributor or seller of counterfeit products. Private investigators who take on such assignments from companies are normally former police officers / detectives or special agents who have experience in making special points about the case.

Accident Investigations

Accident investigations is a highly specialized task and are again taken on by PI’s who are former police officials. Though of course, trained and experienced PI’s and reputed detective agencies can be equal to the task when it comes to gathering facts and testimonies.

Workers Compensation Investigation

Insurance investigation covers a large spectrum of work and these investigations call for such high degrees of expertise and specialization that some agencies do nothing but insurance investigations. Large insurance companies will employ their own team of investigators but most of them outsource this work to contract detective agencies.

As you can see, insurance fraud investigations forms a major part of our business and we help save you the consumer your hard earned money in the end through our work!

Author Bio

Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – who are among the best detective agencies in Mumbai specializing in providing thorough pre marital investigation services among other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high.

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How To Plan Your Wedding Outfits

How To Plan Your Wedding Outfits

Choosing a wedding outfit for a big fat Indian matrimony can be one of the most trying experience of the whole matrimonial affair especially if you have a limited budget or are hurting for time. Reserve the most expensive and ornate outfits for the wedding ceremony and reception, while you can go for the less elaborate ones for the smaller functions. Remember that you are not a sitting duck. You are the star attraction and you should make the most of your wedding celebrations in terms of fun and enjoyment. So choose clothing that is comfortable and easy to move around with. Keep the embellishments in the form of embroidery, sequins, lace etc. to the minimum and especially when these outfits are to worn for the engagement, mehendi or cocktail party. As long as the overall look is pretty, you should be sailing along just fine!

Pre Marital Shopping Ideas for Wedding Outfits

The Engagement


Brides Have All The Fun!

Elegant and subtle works best for the engagement outfits. A sari can the do the job very well. Remember to choose a beautiful and classy sari which is not too loud. The hues that may work best are traditional yet subtle and light: Try peach, pink, light blue-green, pale yellows. You could also try wearing a silk saree with a border that is thin with gold colouring.

The Sangeet

For the sangeet, choose something that is ornate but still casual – something that allows you the freedom to dance and frolic when the music comes on! You could wear a lehenga or sharara which has a small amount of detailing work. The colours that may work for you: mint, bright yellow, orange and electric combos of these colours or others like crimson red, cobalt or electric green.

The Mehendi

The buzzwords for the Mehendi are traditional, graceful, elegant. The go-to colours are ideally tints of green or


Show It Off Girl!

red. Also do remember that you will have to sit still for what may seem like eternity while your bridal mehendi is being applied! So make sure that your outfit is comfortable and non-fussy. Also take into account the fact that the application of mehendi is messy. So avoid lighter outfits that may highlight the mess.

The Cocktail Party

Choose a Western or Indian ensemble but remember that the fittings have to be more flattering to your body shape this time around as this is a Western-style event as opposed to the formal and traditional engagement events and the main event. You could even try wearing a gown or a fusion of the two such as a corset top over a flowing skirt with a matching stole that is wrapped around the shoulders.

Red Alert

If you have invited narrow minded relatives from out of town, do remember that they will not understand your little black number. So in that case, try wearing a silk bandgala. It's hardly a compromise and it may end up winning you warm reviews and less-bitching relatives!

Pre Matrimonial Functions

For family gatherings and other matrimonial engagements, try wearing saris or salwar kameez sets. These will not only look flattering on you but are also sober enough for your relatives to have them all going goo-goo ga-ga over the future bride-to-be.

Religious Ceremony

Detectives Mumbai

I Welcome You!

You should be definitely draped in something very traditional, opulent and demure for this one. You could try wearing one of those vintage wedding saris (even the one your grandmother wore on her wedding day!) – a Benarasi, Dharmavaram, Kanjeevaram Silk or even an ornate lehenga. It’s time to let your inner Parineeta out!

The Marriage Reception

You can wear something bolder for this occasion such as a lehenga coupled with a bustier or a designer sari with a backless choli. The advantage of wearing the latter is that you can always lift your pallu up over a bare back and let it drop when you are partying later. The current trend is to wear something glamorous for the marriage reception – something that is fun and Indian with a hint of skin. But then again, if you prefer to be the coy bride then you can you still go for something that is classic and heavily embellished and spectacular.

Author Bio

Tania Verma is the Head of Operations at Alliance One’s Pune Head Office. A mechanical engineer by education, she has a wide variety of experience in various fields such as manufacturing, consumer products and services and the Retail Sector. A strong operational person Tania gets the job done however tight the deadlines and however tough and arduous the task. She excels under pressure and maintains excellent relationships with our corporate clients as well as high net worth individuals all over India who have used the company’s services in the past and continue to do so. Having married recently she feels strongly about untruthful people taking advantage of others and has taken a deep and abiding interest in our Indian Marital background checks business and leads our able team from the front.

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Business and Corporate Investigations

Business and Corporate Investigations

Business and corporate security and intelligence forms a large part of our business. Corporate investigations can include but is not limited to worker’s compensation, accident and arson investigations, frauds (including medical and corporate fraud), theft of products or services, undercover investigation, product liability, wrongful injury investigations, pre employment and background verifications. document / data analysis and forensic accounting and, repossessions and collections and process services.

Let us go through some of our vital services in more detail so that you can understand what keeps us in the good books of some of the most respected and successful corporate houses and business enterprises 🙂

Insurance Investigations

Research world over indicated that after tax evasion, fraud is the most costly white-collar crime. Things in India are no different. Fraud not only costs Insurance companies and businesses but also you because a portion of the costs are passed on to the consumers of Insurance companies. Atleast 10 % of all property and casualty insurance claims are filed incorrectly with intent to defraud. So who commits insurance fraud?

  • Unscrupulous repair shops, contractors and individuals.
  • Dishonest lawyers, doctors, dentists and other professionals.
  • Organised mafias dedicated to sophisticated large-scale fraud running into crores of rupees.
  • Individuals who add or pad up their claims.

Insurance Overview

fraud investigators mumbaiAn Insurance is a contract between the insured who agrees to pay for services and the insurer who agrees to pay for certain losses that may be incurred by the insured. There are two very different categories of insurance: Government Insurance and Private Insurance which are then divided into industries. Government Insurance can be divided into compulsary and voluntary while private insurance is divided into 4 sectors: casualty, fire, life and marine.

Government Compulsory Insurance can be:

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Social Security benefits
  • Worker’s compensation

Government Voluntary Insurance examples:

  • Savings, loan and bank depositor insurance
  • Federal crop insurance
  • Military personnel insurance
  • Flood Insurance

Private insurance is voluntary except for the compulsory automobile insurance required on all drivers in most states in India. There are many different types of private insurance but some of the more basic types are listed below:

Basic Types of Private Insurance

  • Life
  • Home
  • Rental
  • Automobile
  • Health and medical
  • Specialty insurance

It is important for every insurance investigator in our team to be familiar with the appropriate terms in order to work in the insurance industry.

Personal Injury Investigations

detectives for investigating fraud indiaPersonal Injury Cases can prove costly for both businesses and individuals. Injuries that are legitimate and which are caused by the negligent attitude of businesses are needless tragedies and it is the duty of business establishments to recompense the injured person adequately. But sometimes, unscrupulous create fake accidents and then try to sue businesses in order to extract money and hope for out-of-court settlements. These conmen and conwomen take advantage of the fact that many if not all companies find that it is less time consuming and much less expensive to pay someone who is threatening a law suit than go to court.

The Slip and Fall Artist

The fact that companies continue to dole out payouts with little investigation into the alleged injury is unfortunate because it encourages a larcenous individual to try for his / her piece of the personal injury pie. One especially notorious type of con artist who falls in this category is the slip and fall artist. This person creates the pretense of falling and being injured due to negligence on behalf of a business.

For example, Mr. Slippery Feet enters a supermarket, waits until no one is watching, breaks a bottle on the store’s shelf and then pretends to slip on the bottle’s spilled contents! These people have also been known to bring their own water, oil or similar liquid, pour it on the floor of a business and then pretend that they had a fall. Unless there are witnesses or surveillance cameras, it is quite difficult to prove this con. Those who an ample amount of CCTV cameras on their premises can usually catch this con.

Red Alert

It is a fact though that most stores and businesses do not have an adequate CCTV camera surveillance system in their premises. The professional and seasoned slip and fall artist knows how to con the system and knows where to find holes within which he / she can operate. Which is why a visible camera system is inadequate. One must also add hidden cameras thus catching the con artist operating where he / she feels unobserved.

Private detectives are usually hired to film the claimant’s daily activities in the hopes of proving the fraud. If the claimant is seen to be playing cricket or doing physical activity unhampered by the so-called injury, there goes the suit down the drain! Also we as the top private investigators in India, specialise in installing hidden camera systems. Hidden camera systems can help prevent slip and fall fraud as well as shoplifting. Cameras can also be installed by us to guard against employee theft.

I hope this article has whetted your appetite for understanding more about the business of a modern day private investigator. In my next article I will touch upon the widespread phenomenon of Medical Fraud.

Author Bio

Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – who are among the best detective agencies in Mumbai specializing in providing thorough pre marital investigation services among other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high.

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Pre Marital Trousseau Shopping Ideas

Pre Marital Trousseau Shopping Ideas

For most women world over, one of the most exciting parts about getting married that she can look forward to is Shopping for the wedding. What other time in life does a woman have a budget larger than ever before and everyone around encouraging you to pick up prettier and prettier outfits. Lets start with the wedding trousseau first.

The Wedding Trousseau

wedding shopping india bride

Pre Marital Trousseau Shopping

The trousseau comprises all the things that a bride would need for her new life in her new home. The first question that a soon-to-be bride must ask herself is – Have you been saving for this day all your life? or – Is it going to be a one mammoth store crawl that can leave you and everyone else tired and weary? Have you set you sights on a few choice items and ensembles or would you prefer entire wardrobes? Do you prefer a dinner set or would you rather have an entire modular kitchen? The trousseau that every bride chooses will vary vastly in terms of taste, style, traditions, the amount of time at hand and of course the finances. Whichever way that you do it. it’s indeed fun to imagine enjoying each new selection with the future husband. In some communities it is considered normal to display the trousseau for all to see at some pre marital functions like the sangeet. In this case, the family of the bride may want to display more elaborate and fancy items which is symbolic of their status in life. Every bride has her own opinion about this tradition. Some don’t even wear any of the heavy gold jewelry and the richly embellished saris since the marriage nor use the silver plates and other ornamental stuff. But then the parents and in-laws may want to do this since it makes them happy and I guess it is alright to do this for the sake of tradition and happiness.

For a bride it is always about striking a fine balance between her own tastes and preferences and the older traditions that her family members may want to incorporate. A recently wedded bride reminisces how her family insisted that she have four really heavy and ornate jewellery sets made. The bride knew that they wouldn’t work with the casual salwar kameezes that she generally wore. But apart from that, all the things that she chose were perfect. She had gotten ten salwar kameez sets and ten casual ones tailored. She brought make-up, lingerie, sleepwear and even her favourite shampoos and conditioners in large quantities! It wasn’t like she could not buy all that stuff later but it helped to have her own stock of essentials for the first few months post marriage so that she did not have to go through the awkwardness of having to ask for them while she was still getting to know everyone in her new home. Especially so, if the bride is not financially independent and the marriage is an arrange one.

Amassing the Trousseau

pre matrimonial wedding blog

Shopping Before Marriage is Fun!

The traditional way of amassing all this stuff is to start years in advance.  One generation ago, women used to sew and embroider clothes and linen for years before a potential marriage in the family. Well, times have changed now. All it takes is a trip to the mall or the market to shop for the following:


Traditional / Western Casuals and formals, Loungewear, exercise attire, lingerie and sleepwear (regular as well as romantic!), swimwear, workwear, partywear etc. This is all the stuff that will see you through your pre-marital functions, the wedding, reception, honeymoon and the first few months as newly-weds. Some of you might want to keep some items of clothing that you are already using such as swimwear or gym attire. It is best to buy new clothing otherwise because your tattered and faded nightie or silver miniskirt of your bachelorette days may not meet the approval of your new in-laws!

Personal Essentials

This includes all the gadgets, hygiene products, lotions and potions that you use regularly – everything from liquid soap, mouthwash, shampoos & conditioners, hair serums, face and body scrubs, deodorants, perfumes as well as make-up and beauty products such as brushes, blow driers, straighteners, curlers, hair clips, epilators etc.


Jeweleries of all styles and values, clips, belts, scarves, sunglasses, handbags and footwear of all kinds.


Bed and bath linen ideally is not a part of your trousseau but can be included nevertheless.

Kitchen & Home Accessories

Pressure cookers, casseroles, microwave ovens, mixies, LED TV’s etc. What enters your shopping cart depends on two factors: what you perceive as essentials that you cannot do without as opposed to what you can afford to buy. Try dropping hints and ideas to some of your family members and guests about that particular espresso machine that you have been wanting to get or that ice-cream maker that you have got your sights on! Or else, you can simply put certain items that are out of your reach on the wish-list for later. Also keep in mind that you will need less of these if you and your future husband are moving into his family home.

Trousseau Budget Pointers

1. Your Total Wedding Budget

A realistic trousseau budget falls somewhere between the thriftiest budget that you have ever compiled to the most outlandish one of your dreams – the one that gives your dad nightmares!

2. Clarity

Complete clarity is required to decide on who will be spending what. Traditionally speaking, the bride’s family spends on most of the wedding functions except for the reception (which is the responsibility of the groom’s). But in modern marriages and weddings, the costs are borne equally by both sides.

3. Priority

Within this budget, it is important to decide what level of priority you want to assign to the trousseau. As a modern day bride pressed for time and budget, you may not want to prepare a trousseau at all, preferring rather to shift all your exiting possessions into your new home. This is especially so for women who are working or living on their own or with room mates, independent of their parents. In such cases, you walk towards the future – all the bridal finery, the honeymoon and the the life after your marriage will come after the wedding.

4. Shopping Locations

Prices of items vary from city to city in India and even from area to area within a city! If you have spare time on your hands, you might want to work out a plan that allows you to shop around within your city for the most competitive prices and deals. You could even step out of your comfort zone to wholesale markets in your city for better deals.

5. Consider the Future

pre wedding shopping ideas

Shopping With the Fiance

In shopping for your wedding trousseau you should also give a lot of thought to what your life post marriage is going to be like. If you are going to be largely home-bound post your marriage then you would want to spend more on padding up your nest rather than on dressy clothes that you may not have the opportunity to wear often. Also you must take note of the weather conditions of your new home and buy accordingly. Another important thing to consider is whether your in-laws are orthodox in their views, opinions and lifestyles or if they are open minded, liberal and free spirited. A bride from India planning to settle in Canada or the US for example might want to ditch the heavy saris and jewelry and instead concentrate on buying clothes and accessories more suited to the lifestyle and climate of those countries.

6. Changing Times

Times change and so does fashion and styles of living. There is no point buying five pairs of modish leggings which will go out of style in a month. Think classic and think long-term: the simple white kurta, the solid-colour cuffed shirt, the traditional silk sari etc. You can update with accessories later and as time goes by.

I hope the pointers given above will go a long way in helping a bride in planning her trousseau in advance so that she will not be left wanting for more or spending unnecessarily on things that could have been brought later. Because in my opinion, money saved is money earned!

Author Bio

Tania Verma is the Head of Operations at Alliance One’s Pune Head Office. A mechanical engineer by education, she has a wide variety of experience in various fields such as manufacturing, consumer products and services and the Retail Sector. A strong operational person Tania gets the job done however tight the deadlines and however tough and arduous the task. She excels under pressure and maintains excellent relationships with our corporate clients as well as high net worth individuals all over India who have used the company’s services in the past and continue to do so. Having married recently she feels strongly about untruthful people taking advantage of others and has taken a deep and abiding interest in our pre matrimonial investigation in India business and leads our able team from the front.

How Private Investigators Work Within the Law

How Private Investigators Work Within the Law

Our success as private investigators in India hinges a lot on being in possession of the knowledge of the laws that apply to our profession. While there is a lot more concerning laws that apply to private investigations in India, those are beyond the limited scope of this article. Let me give you, dear reader a synopsis of the specific laws that affect us and our business so that if you are faced with a predicament where you might require our services, it might make it easier for you to make a decision about the matter and whether or not to get professionals to help you resolve the issue to a definite conclusion.

Understanding the Law

Indian detective agenciesLaws that apply to investigative law in India are widely disparate. In this article I will talk about the basic laws to which both law enforcement investigators as well as private investigators must adhere to. Some of them do not apply directly to our work as a private investigator, though many out of them do. Knowing and applying these laws in our sphere of work, I believe marks us out as serious professionals and separates us from the average private detective on the street or the ones you find on classifieds websites. Our work ethics and our deep knowledge of our craft coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the law of the land garners us respect from both the public and the law enforcement community.

One does not need to be an attorney or a police officer to be a good private detective but you do need to know something about the laws that govern law enforcement as well as laws that apply to our profession. One must know where our responsibility ends and law enforcement authority begins. Never must it enter a private investigator’s mind that he / she is a law enforcement officer. In fact impersonating a law official is a criminal offense punishable by law.

Crime Scene Investigations

An individual client or a lawyer will often hire us in cases which necessitates the search of a crime scene. The crime scene is the domain of law enforcement and police officers do not appreciate hot shot private detectives interfering with their work. So we always tread cautiously and fully co-operate with the local law officials on such cases. Acting within our boundaries and behaving responsibly helps us develop respectful working relationships with police officers which eventually helps us greatly in solving a case or reach a definite conclusion thereby ensuring that our clients or lawyers are satisfied.

Pretexting the Law

What is Pretexting

Pretexting is a formidable tool in the private investigator‘s tool box but it is quite tricky and must be applied with prudence and judgement. Pretexting can be defined as:

a. Ostensible or professed purpose or an excuse.

b. An effort or strategy intended to conceal something.

In other words, pretexting is lying but not lying for personal gain or with the intention to harm another person. It can be misused but when properly executed, courts have upheld it’s use.

Lying for any reason is a moral issue and in certain cases it can be a crime. For some people, lying is just a way of getting what one desires. While others who abide by strict moral values and principles or those who are just plain uncomfortable with lying will never misrepresent anything in any way. The criminal justice system has struggled for years with the boundaries beyond which deception must be allowed to go and the courts still grapple with the issue from time to time.

The undercover work that we private detectives have to do entails a lot of lying! Right from the false name and credentials that we have to use to obtain information to the unmarked car that that we use that disguises our true identity. Yet one must remember that all this is not done for personal gain. While some people may argue against pretexting, the courts all over the world have accepted it as a vital part of an investigator’s hunt to uncover the truth and have ruled it permissible if it has been done without coercing innocent people into false confessions.

Ethics Vs Real World Practicality

List of Indian Private InvestigatorsThere is a definite problem that exists in society in the need to balance the reality of criminal behaviour with laws that protect the rights of all citizens. The criminal who rapes, loots and kills does not abide by any laws and all of them prey and thrive on the average citizen’s uninformed idealism and innocence about how criminals think and their behaviour. Due to this, the law and by extension the private investigator may feel constrained by laws that protect the rights of a criminal who cares nothing for the rights and the safety of others. Yet, commitment to the rule of law is enshrined in the constitution of free and democratic societies like India, the United States and others. In such countries, the rule of law is defined as universally accepted and defined and governs every citizen of the country. This in effect separates India from totalitarian regimes like the ones that still exist in countries like North Korea and other countries.

Because of the high stakes involved, abiding by the law must remain the Private Investigator’s chief concern at all times yet balancing the protection of the public at all times. Considering the real world challenge that this dilemma poses and considering the utmost objective – the need to provide protection – the Supreme Court of India has recognized this challenge in the past. In order to balance the scale between the criminals and the law abiding citizens of the country, it has given permission to allow certain behaviour that bypasses the hard-line rule of the law and allows the upholders of the law and those given responsibility for public protection to push the truth slightly when seeking information from a suspect. The line is very thin however and must be treated with fine judgement and strategy.

A Fine Balance

indian private investigatorsIn achieving this kind of a balancing act, should the lie result in solving a case, the cost of lying is weighed against the foreseeable benefits to the public and the victim of the crime. When placed on a scale, the moral evil of the lie (if performed correctly) is not perceived as heavy when weighed against the cost of achieving justice for the crime victim and the protection of the public by removal of the offender – especially a violent one – from society. Unfortunately this isnt the only situation in which legal ideals and real world practically face off against each other. Some of the challenges are:

1. The presumption of innocence is challenged by the knowledge that many of the so-called innocent people are actually guilty.

2. The ideal to protect each other’s civil rights is challenged by the fact that some have abused and will continue to abuse the civil rights of others. When offender and victim rights conflict, the moot question of whose rights are more important casts a shadow on the ideal.

3. The ideal of the right to bail is challenged by the knowledge of the violent potential of many offenders should they be released.

4. The ideal of the police refraining from the use of physical force is challenged by suspects who refuse to be taken into custody without a fight and by the need of a police officer to protect himself and the public.

There are many more challenges that exist within the law, but this short list is intended to give you some of the idea of finding a balance that we private investigators have to repeatedly content with in the day to day duties of our job. It also illustrates the fact that separate arms of the law sometimes line up on different sides of these challenges. For example, part of the defense counsel’s jobs is obtaining bail for his / her client. The police officer’s or detective’s job is to apprehend and put the defendant in jail until trial. The detective or police officer may want bail to be denied to a violent defendant. The judge must look at both sides of the coin and herein lies the challenge: choosing between bail rights of the defendant vs. the rights of protection for the victim and the public at large.

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