The Different Types of Surveillance & Who Needs Them

The Different Types of Surveillance & Who Needs Them

In carrying on with my mission of informing our website’s visitors with Surveillance – the most crucial skill in our armory, let me outline below what a typical Surveillance summary for one of our assignments could read like. This is a fictional account but it resembles what most of our surveillance summaries reads like.

On April 26th, 2014, at 5.20 pm, subject was observed wearing blue jeans and a light blue T shirt. Subject left his office building at BKC, Mumbai and got into a Black BMW license MH 123 45 678. Subject left BKC and drove to Royal Palm Thai Condo Residences in Aarey Colony, Goregaon. Subject was observed on the balcony of his condo at 6. 15 pm. There was another vehicle parked in front of the complex, Maruti Swift license MH 123 45 678. Subject remained in the condo until 8 pm. Subject and a female companion then left the condo and both of them got into the BMW. From there, they drove to Oberoi Mall and went into Aromas of China restaurant. The female companion was wearing black jeans and a emerald green top. Her height was about 5 ft 2 ” with long dark hair that was tinted and streaked. She also wore a nose ring. Subject and companion were observed walking with their arms around each other into the restaurant. Inside the restaurant, subject and companion were sitting in one of the corner tables. Our investigator sat close by and observed the couple kissing several times. After a couple of drinks and dinner, subject and companion left and returned to the condo at Royal Palms, Goregaon. Subject kissed companion one final time before the subject’s companion drove off in her Maruti Swift and the subject drove off in his BMW towards his residence in South Mumbai.

As you can see from our report above, surveillance is the act of observing a person, place or an activity. The person, place or activity is referred to as the target or the subject of investigation. The main objective of a surveillance is to document facts and events, and obtain information. Surveillances are usually photographed and a chronological log or record of all activities is kept by the investigator(s) working on the case.

There are two types of surveillances, overt and covert.

Overt Surveillance

An overt surveillance allows the subject to know that he / she is being observed. For instance, a subject who is aware of the surveillance may lead the investigator to other associates, places or activities that may positively affect the outcome of the investigation. In an overt surveillance, we may follow the subject conspicuously and take photographs of the subject in public places.

Covert Surveillance

A covert surveillance becomes necessary when it is important to gather information about the movements and actions of the target without the target being aware of the surveillance. The methods of covert surveillance vary from stationary surveillance which is also called the stakeout (read more here about what a stakeout is), foot and mobile surveillance and photographic and electronic surveillance.

Why You Need Surveillance

A surveillance is a highly valuable method for procuring factual information for a case. Surveillances are used in a wide variety of investigation purposes. Let me outline below a few important areas that surveillance can help in.

Divorce or Child Custody Cases

Surveillance can greatly help in documenting the activities of a spouse in a divorce or a child custody action. In many cases, the surveillance will comprise of monitoring the movements of a spouse to confirm infidelity or to document other ac tivities that will strengthen the client’s case in court.

False Insurance Claims

detectives for spying indiaSurveillance is also widely used in observing the activities of persons who are suspected of filing false insurance claims such as worker’s compensation, disability and other medical claims. The typical surveillance activity in such cases is to determine if a claimant is or is not demonstrating the symptoms of disability for which a claim has been made. For example, an employee may claim that an accident on the job has injured his back to the extent that he can barely walk. With a camera, we can create a visual record and timeline of the claimant jogging at the park or playing cricket with his pals at the local Maidan!

Early Warning Signals

In cases where a crime may be anticipated, surveillance beforehand can help provide early warning or evidence of the crime taking place. In this case, though nothing has happened so far, the private detective receives information from the client about a possible crime that is being planned. For example, the client may own a warehouse and he could have received a tip off from a reliable and loyal employee about other employees having made duplicate copies of the key to the warehouse and a plan to enter the warehouse at night to steal certain valuable items. A private detective is engaged to verify the report of the employee-informant and if appropriate, co-ordinate with law enforcement to conduct a stakeout form of surveillance at the warehouse.

Gathering Preemptive Information

A surveillance could also be conducted to plan a protective services operation. For e.g. an upcoming business trip could have been planned by the CEO of an automobile company. But threats by the workers union have been made against the CEO and the company. A private detective agency thus has been engaged to conduct surveillances of the places to be visited, the primary and the alternate routes that are to be taken by the vehicles transporting the CEO and also identifying areas of opportunity where the CEO may be vulnerable to attack to life and limb. In such cases, based on the information provided by the private detective agency, a plan is designed to protect the CEO during the course of his visit.

Monitoring Public Events

Surveillance can be used to monitor public events to stop trouble from brewing. People who have objected to the event may deliberately disrupt the event be it a concert, a big game etc. A lot of times, disruption may even happen when attendees get into arguments and fights with one another. The job of the private detective then is to move among the crowd or to take up an elevated position and look for early warning signs of a disruption. Early notification to event security personnel is made so that preemptive action can be taken.

Identifying Criminal Activity

A client may engage the services of a private detective to find out if his home or business property has been targeted by a criminal outfit. He may also require to know if his businesses processes have been corrupted or whether his security systems have been compromised or whether his intellectual or physical properties are being used to carry out criminal activities. For example an Indian company with a branch in Pakistan may recognize the possibility of drugs or guns being smuggled into India aboard the carriers and parcels that travel back and forth between the branches of the company. Surveillance of transport operations and also of the movement of company members can uncover any untoward incidents that may severely jeopardize the safety and security of the future of the company and it’s board of directors.

So you see, us private eyes have out hands full at all times and are always living on the edge! No complains though. Keep visiting our blog regularly to receive more information on our private world and it’s inner workings!

Author Bio

Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – who are among the best detective agencies in Mumbai specializing in providing thorough pre marital investigation services among other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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Bridal Look and Style Quiz For the Bride

Bridal Look and Style Quiz For the Bride

The big wedding day for a bride is one of the most important days in her life – one that she has secretly or openly looked forward to ever since her Barbie-playing days. But as every brand marketer worth his / her salt will tell you. In today’s world it’s all about the packaging! You and your fiancee may well talk about higher planes of connection and the metaphysical bond but you know that the physicality and the packaging that it comes in matters! You do not want to look back at the marital photographs or videos and sigh about a bad hair day, patchy skin or a wardrobe malfunction. Well, suffice it to say that even the most modest woman wants to look her very best on the day of her wedding.

But then do not let the pressure get on your nerves. Just as there are different hues and colours in this world, every bride has a distinct personality and will bring her own charm to the wedding. The character and personality of the bride will determine to a great extent what kind of bridal look she will don. If you are bride-in-the-making, the take our style quiz below to best determine your bridal personality that will best suit you on your big matrimonial date.

Your idea of entertainment is:

a. A day spent in the company of family

b. Coffee with your gal pals

c. Drinks and dinner with your swish set

d. Going trekking with your buddies

Your idea of relaxation is:

a. Golden oldies

b. The latest dancey pop songs

c.. Indian or Western Classical Music / Opera

d. Lounge / World Music

Your favourite accessory is:

a. The gold pendant that you received as a birthday gift from your parents on your 18th b’day.

b. Jewelled hair clips

c. Diamonds and all that bling!

d.. Your navel ring

Your dream destination is:

a. Anywhere you can catch up with relatives or places of worship

b. Sightseeing spots where one can also do a bit of shopping

c. Places where you can shop for luxury brands

d. Anyplace off the beaten track

Let us now do an personality analysis based on your scores. If you scored:

Mostly a’s:

detective agencies in mumbai listYou are the traditional and conservative type of person. You will be able to carry off Tussar and Benarasi saris in traditional red and maroon best. If you’d like to get a little bold, try rust or emerald shades. But you must only wear designs and attire that you will be comfortable in. Do not get swayed away by all those glossy ads showing dare-to-bare brides and try to attempt something less modest than you are used to. You will only end up looking awkward and you may not able to carry it off.

Mostly b’s:

You’re feminine and girly to the core and those feminine charms can only be accentuated by pinks and purples. This is a day that is best suited for someone like you to show yourself off! You can act demure and ladylike, preen and pose like you are used to. You also have a fair idea of what looks good on you and what doesnt. You are the kind of person that can carry off chiffon and chanderi with equal aplomb and style. You may want to go in for sweetheart necklines and puff sleeves for blouses.

Mostly c’s:

You are personable and always with-it in terms of styles and trends and your girlfriends have always sought your advice on such topics in the past. And now that the pre matrimonial spotlight has been turned on you, you can pull out all the stops and shine. Go for the designer lehengas and the vintage jewels. Aubergine with amethyst, hot pink with rose quartz and rubies, ice blue with diamonds etc. Also because of you being the fitness freak and body conscious person that you are, you are usually the bride who can wear the tiny choli and the midriff-baring lehenga without looking bawdy!

Mostly d’s:

You are the original diva born to shine – someone who will not hesitate to try anything for the record! You have always been the experimental and adventurous sort who will even wear her beloved calfskin boots with her bandhani silk! Your wedding regalia must reflect your eclectic styles and persona. Pair your grandma’s french lace with a sexy, faux leather halter for the cocktail. Or use your silken touch to fuse unlikely shades such as fuchsia and lemon or wine and dove gray. Just keep in mind though that a lot of your relatives and in-laws may not ‘get’ your unique sense of style. But then, has that ever bothered you?

Author Bio

Tania Verma is the Head of Operations at Alliance One’s Pune Head Office. A mechanical engineer by education, she has a wide variety of experience in various fields such as manufacturing, consumer products and services and the Retail Sector. A strong operational person Tania gets the job done however tight the deadlines and however tough and arduous the task. She excels under pressure and maintains excellent relationships with our corporate clients as well as high net worth individuals all over India who have used the company’s services in the past and continue to do so. Having married recently she feels strongly about untruthful people taking advantage of others and has taken a deep and abiding interest in our pre matrimonial investigation business and leads our able team from the front.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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How Private Detectives Remain Invisible On Surveillance

How Private Detectives Remain Invisible On Surveillance

A surveillance case for us usually involves domestic or insurance related investigations. Regardless of the type of investigation, before we begin any surveillance operation, it is important for us to know as much as possible about the subject of our investigation. These are mostly provided to us by our clients. We will need to know daily activities and patterns, driving habits, places that he or she might frequent, a description of what the subject looks like, what vehicle the subject drives, where the subject works, where the subject likes to eat or drink coffee and of course any other extra information that can be useful. For vehicular surveillance, we could have several cars at our disposal. In surveillance usually, the more one knows about the subject, the easier it is to anticipate where he or she might go. When the subject strays from his / her usual routine this is when the red light goes on because this is when something might happen!

Best Private Detective in India

As one of the best private detectives in India, most of what I know has been learned by trial and error. Our job when following a subject is to remain invisible at all times. If the subject gets a hint that he / she is being followed, it will be almost impossible to get any evidence that may satisfy the client. We need to blend into whatever the environment may be. You do not want to stand out or be noticed. Because once you are spotted you are “burned” and after being “burned” you will need to be replaced by another operative. On a surveillance, one always has to be prepared. This means having a full tank of gas, a fully charged cell phone and plenty of spare batteries for the cameras. Everything that we might need has to be at an arm’s length so that we do not have to search for anything. If long stretches are anticipated, then food and drink must also be packed in advance. Going to the bathroom is out of the question most times! So fluid intake must be kept to the minimum! When long stretches of surveillance are expected, a van is used instead of a car. A car or a van gives you a lot of flexibility. But of course there are limits. With the recent court injunction banning dark tints on car windows, sitting inside a car for long stretches can “burn” you. So as always the smart private detective has to come up with solutions. So the camera can be kept running at all times powered by the car battery thorough the power outlet connected to the cigarette lighter outlet inside the car. In vans, we usually carry spare marine batteries for running camera or computer equipment.

Get Around The Law Without Breaking It

top private detectives mumbaiAs one of the most in-demand private detectives in Mumbai, my job entails a lot of travel and work takes me far and wide. A GPS system is very useful when I am in unfamiliar territory. Tracking devices are illegal and I don’t use them though I cannot remember if I have used them in the past! But as private detectives, it is our job to get around the law without breaking it. A tracking device may be illegal but in cases where the husband may want to track the wife’s car or vice versa what is stopping me from ‘renting’ or ‘selling’ the GPS tracking device to my client who can then install it in his wife’s car because he is concerned about her safety! That’s not illegal at all 😉 Of course, I have had my share of problems with the law. Which private investigator hasn’t? If I am going to be sitting inside a quiet leafy residential neighbourhood for a long time, someone may indeed call the cops about the suspicious looking man inside the car outside my building! I’ve had people banging on my car windows asking me who I am and what I am doing. Most times, honesty pays. I tell them that I am a hired private investigator just doing my work and that they have no reason to be alarmed. I don’t have to tell them who I am watching and why. The less said the better and telling people that there is nothing dangerous or illegal (I am working on an insurance case) going on in their neighborhood will put their minds at ease. Most times it works and people let me do my job in peace.

Sitting on a surveillance is not easy. On the contrary it is quite stressful. Unlike what you see on television or in the movies, your subject does not immediately appear within 5 minutes! You won’t get what you need to solve the case within minutes or even hours. And then the longer you wait inside a car or even loitering in a public place, the more the chances of you being spotted and being asked to move on. Also one more thing – a moving surveillance where our car is behind our subject’s car is again not like the movies at all! For one thing, it is not a chase! You cannot be right behind the subject’s car bumper and you cannot bump his / her car! You have to remain invisible to the subject. If we are ‘burned’ then it’s time to pull off and let someone else take over which is going to be a risk because it might mean that the subject has time to get away.

Author Bio

Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – who are among the best detective agencies in Mumbai specializing in providing thorough pre marital investigation services among other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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Digging Deeper Into Your Spouse’s Extra Marital Affairs

Digging Deeper Into Your Spouse’s Extra Marital Affairs

So here’s the situation – You think your husband or your wife is cheating and despite some gentle snooping around, you still do not have any concrete proof that even in the least bit indicts your spouse of having an extra marital affair. Generally speaking you have two options open in front of you here – call off your own investigation or else dig deeper! The latter option comes with it’s own costs though both physical and literal. The big moral dilemma that you might face at this juncture is: Just how far do you snoop?

Would you like to hack into your husband or wife’s email, Whatsapp and facebook accounts? Though these are doable things, you must first grapple with your own feelings – how would you feel after doing that? Worse still if you found nothing and instead found out that your spouse was innocent! Even worse would be finding out that maybe your husband or wife was even more committed to you than you reckoned – maybe he / she was making plans for a surprise vacation or a surprise honeymoon! A good way to begin answering these questions is to put yourself into your partner’s shoes or high heels! How would you feel if your spouse began to look through your emails and private messages behind your back? Marriage is an institution which is based on the pillars of trust and openness. But yet – going through someone’s emails – married or not – still amounts to an invasion of privacy. If you do snoop and find nothing you might feel a tinge of reassurance and comfort. But then you now become the person in the relationship who has got something to hide! You will need to honestly ask yourself how you feel about this because once you do something, it cannot be undone!

The Battle To Find the Truth is Harder Than You Think

detective in mumbaiAlso lets be very honest. Cheaters know how to cheat. The odds of finding incriminating evidence that proves your spouse’s infidelity is very low because most cheaters will know how to avoid being caught especially when it comes to basic communication mediums such as emails, sms’es, messaging apps, credit card charges etc. Because these are usually the first places that a suspicious spouse is likely to look, right? Did you think your spouse was that dumb? Another thing: If your spouse catches you snooping through their private messages, with no evidence in hand, you will end up looking like a paranoid freak. Remember: It is always the mistake or the slip-up that reveals dishonesty on the part of someone. If the cheater is really into the affair, he / she is likely to take the greatest amount of effort to cover his / her tracks with the utmost of care. We have all heard of extra marital affairs lasting for years now, haven’t we? Some chronic cheaters, especially those who have cheating since they were young starting with their teenage affairs have become extremely professional in covering up their tracks. The battle to uncover the truth may be harder than you think it is!

Hiring Private Detectives

The classic route to really get to the bottom of a supposedly cheating spouse is to hire a private detective like me! We of course, go through every case with clinical precision. We are thorough and professional and will be able to find a quick answer to your doubts. There is the cost of course. A single day of surveillance will cost you about Rs. 5,000/-. But the cost is definitely worth it because the evidence that we can procure (photographic / audio recordings / videographic / forensic) can be used as evidence in divorce proceedings thereby giving you an upper hand in winning the case in your favour in the eventuality of settlement claims that might arise. Let me also tell you that almost 95 % of our clients have had their suspicions confirmed with the help of our investigations. It is safe to say, that one usually hires a detective when they already know the truth but need hard evidence.

Cyber Snooping On Your Husband / Wife

Of course not everyone can afford a private detective like me or maybe you do not even need to hire me. You can dig deeper into your spouse’s private affairs yourself if you are really determined to go this route yourself. There is no law on this earth that can stop a righteous man or woman from snooping into the wife / husband’s private life! There are lots of legal computer programs available that will allow remote viewing of someone else’s computer. Key logger softwares can record all the key strokes on a computer even if they have been erased. If you or your husband are on the same phone plan, then you do not need to hire a detective to remove mobile phone call details. You can check phone records for at least the numbers called or text-ed.

There are also a great number of apps that you can download from the Apple or Google Play Stores for free or a very nominal amount that will help you to do all sorts of spying. Check out a past article I wrote here on – mobile phone spying apps. Or just go to the App store on your phone and type “spy on cheating spouse” and you will get tons of apps to download. Pick and choose the ones that you think you can start using.

spying detectives mumbai indiaIf cyber snooping is something that you think you can implement yourself, then by all means go ahead but you will also need to figure out what you are going to do if you do find out something. Because chances are, that if you use these methods, you will find out something, even if it is something that you had not initially bargained for! Also do remember, that as much as you think you are prepared to find out the truth, trust me you are not! It can be physically crippling to find out that you are being betrayed. Infidelity is a betrayal of everything you hold sacred and true. And trust me, your emotions will be running the show and not your mind!

If you happen to find out that your spouse is cheating, you need to have your game plan figured out in advance. Or else, chances are you will be flying off the handle in a rage, act irrationally, and your emotions may even get the better of you and make you do something that you will later regret. Ok here’s a little story about one of our clients. I have lots of stories 😉 Of course no names will be mentioned here. And as much as I remember these stories, I also lament the loss of a relationship that was once meant to last forever!

A female client had her suspicions for a few months. She did not feel comfortable invading her husband’s privacy to confirm her suspicions. So she did not snoop through his phone or email messages. She also did not know the people that her husband worked with and even if she did, she would not have felt comfortable asking such questions because it went against her basic nature. So after speaking to her close female friend, she was preparing herself for a confrontation with the husband. In the meantime she also hired me to find out any evidence and try as I might, it was tough to find out anything about his supposed affair. But in the end, he was felled with a mistake – a condom wrapper left in the trash in the car when they had not used condoms for the longest time between them! A confrontation after finding that was of course inevitable!

Dealing With The Truth

Here’s one more thing: Coming face to face with the truth is like getting hit by a car or being punched in the gut! It is physically painful. Your ears will start ringing, your head will start pounding and your heart will start racing! Some of you may even hyperventilate and pass out! Your heart will start beating so fast that you will feel that it may jump out of your rib cage! You will have no idea of what to say or do next! You may even consider not accepting the truth so that life can go on the way it has been going on in the past – safe and secure. But as always, life is unpredictable and insecure and change is the only thing constant. If you respect yourself, you will accept the truth and you will confront your spouse about it and then after dealing with your own emotions, you will then take recourse to the next steps that may irrevocably lead you out of what could have been a rotten life full of stinking lies to a happier future with someone who deserves you more than the cheater you left behind!

Author Bio

Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – who are among the best private detective agencies in Mumbai specializing in providing thorough husband wife cheating investigations among other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high!

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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Inviting And Hosting Guests At Your Wedding

Inviting And Hosting Guests At Your Wedding

Atithi Devo Bhava

According to Hindu customs the first guest to whom the first invitation and traditional sweets are extended is the one who will not be physically present at the marriage – the family God! The popular temples in India receive hundreds of thousands of wedding invites every wedding season and most of them are given in person by one of the family members including sweets and cash gifts. Some are even mailed to the temple with token cash gifts inside. You see, it pays to be a God in India especially during wedding season! Other religions also have similar traditions in order to ensure an auspicious beginning to the marriage and also to invoke divine blessings before the big occasion. As far as the first wedding invite is concerned, elders of the family will chip in with suggestions. Muslims will deliver a card to their mosque before taking one to the groom’s family. Usually a wedding card should be sent three to six weeks before the wedding event. Out-of-town guests should be alerted with a Save-the-date announcement so that they will be given a fair amount of time to schedule their trip and other travel arrangements can be made in advance. You could hand-deliver invitations to close family and friend while the rest can be sent by post. Most courier services will give you a delivery confirmation but you might also delegate someone in your friends circle or a relative to follow up with some special guests. Call them yourself to confirm will also make the invite more personal. The groom’s invitation were usually sent out with with a box of sweets or a token gift. But this tradition has now been adopted by families of both sides. Some brides and their families send their invites with a box of ferrero rocher chocolates while some opt for more creative ideas such as silver coin mementos, crystal showpieces or porcelain figures.

Inviting Guests Over Email or Through a Website

While etiquette consultants differ in their views over using digital technology to send wedding invites, we say why not?! But use digital media as an addition to the traditional invite and not as the only medium of communication. Wedding websites is a popular western wedding trend that is catching on fast in India. So what is the kind of content that you can add on your wedding website? Good question. The wedding website must contain practical information for your guests such as the dates of the event, timings and locations. For outstation guests, you can also include more details such as itineraries, accommodations,   extra events and tips for shopping, sightseeing etc. while they are in town. And of course you must also include the fun stuff – the story of how the bride and groom met, photographs and videos of your early years and time spent together, pics and biographies of the families, a trivia quiz about the happy couple etc. etc. A webpage can have dozens of pages and posts. So if you have the time and inclination, write all the content yourself and give it to the web designer or let the web designer hire a content writer to do it for you. But whatever you do, ensure that the website is well designed. Hop over here for some good ideas on Wedding Website designs and themes – Wedding Website Designs. Or contact us to put you in touch with some great Wedding Website Designers in Mumbai.

Hosting Outstation Guests

detectives for marriage indiaTraditionally speaking, the bride’s family hosts the guests who don’t live locally. Although the groom’s family might help out with the expenses for a modern wedding, it is still customary for the hosts to treat the guests. All arrangements for guests must be worked out and planned in advance so as to ensure that they have a smooth stay in a strange city. First things first. Figure out who is attending. Most of the outstation guests will rsvp you to let you know their arrival details and the duration of their stay. The bride and her fiance or the bride’s family may need to contact some of the late RSVP’ers by phone or email to find out if they will be requiring rooms. In the times of the past, the bride’s friends and relatives would host out-of-town guests in their homes. This is still a viable idea though may not be so practical due to the smaller sizes of city homes and hectic lifestyles.

Depending on the number of rooms that you need and your budget, you could check out hotels, service apartments, house rentals, private clubs (places like CCI, Willingdon Club, India Habitat Centre, Bangalore Club etc.) guest houses, company accomodation (if your company provides the same or your friend’s company does) or even dormitory style housing for younger guests. If you have a family member in the armed forces, you might be able to rent rooms for a decent rate at one of the armed forces mess facilities though prices vary depending on how close a relative recommends your case. Also some facilities are only available to immediate families. You must also take the help of local travel agents and wedding planners for the same if your budget allows. Putting your guests up at a 5 star hotel also has it’s perks. If you can fit it into your budget, top hotel chains offer great value-for-money deals and high quality amenities and will go out of their way to accommodate large groups.  Some hotels will offer wedding party groups a block of rooms in the same area of the hotel, fresh flowers and exotic fruits in every room, wine and dessert, a separate hospitality desk and discounts on laundry service.

Greeting and Treating Guests Respectfully

Every great hostess will ensure that guests are greeted warmly. Ensure that a friend or relative meets your esteemed guests at the airport or train station and brings them to their hotel. A good idea is to give each guest a printed itinerary with pick-up and drop timings (if a bus is being arranged) along with venues for wedding events and meals. Also include information about shopping and sightseeing.

Note: Ensure that guests are reminded tactfully that only the room tarriff has been paid in advance and if they ask for room service or order meals etc. it will be so at their own expense. Also include the mobile number of a contact person on the itinerary note. Since the bride and the groom will obviously be the busiest person at the wedding, it makes sense to ensure that one of the heads of the family or a responsible person from the family is designated as the main contact person on call for emergencies or queries.

Try and anticipate what your guests might need in order to be comfortable during their stay. Some things are universal. The ladies will appreciate help with their hair and skincare and help with ironing their formal wear and trips to the beauty parlour.  Some of them might even do some local shopping for their wedding attire and may need help with information or some guidance on the best buys and bargains in town. If possible, ask a friend or family member to assist guests for all their beauty and shopping needs.

You could even arrange a small day tour of your city for your guests to enjoy the local sights and sounds in one of the free days between say the mehendi or the marriage date or after the marriage ceremony in the morning etc.

Note: Leave a welcome basket in the hotel rooms of your guests with snacks and bottles of water. You could even thank them at the end of their stay with a box of mithais or chocolates or a CD containing pics of the pre marital or marriage ceremonies and other events. 

Author Bio

Tania Verma is the Head of Operations at Alliance One’s Pune Head Office. A mechanical engineer by education, she has a wide variety of experience in various fields such as manufacturing, consumer products and services and the Retail Sector. A strong operational person Tania gets the job done however tight the deadlines and however tough and arduous the task. She excels under pressure and maintains excellent relationships with our corporate clients as well as high net worth individuals all over India who have used the company’s services in the past and continue to do so. Having married recently she feels strongly about untruthful people taking advantage of others and has taken a deep and abiding interest in our pre matrimonial detectives in Mumbai business and leads our able team from the front.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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What is Due Diligence

What is Due Diligence

A Bread and Butter Job For Us

You may or may not have heard the word ‘Due Diligence’ before if you are not connected to the world of private investigation. But to us, these two words are ‘loaded words’ and is responsible for a large number of private and corporate investigation cases that arrive on our desk on a weekly basis. The term ‘due diligence‘ refers to the care and importance that one party must take before entering into an agreement with another party. The inquiry that follows will serve to confirm all facts about the agreement in consideration. In the larger context of corporate and industrial houses, due diligence is the ways and means to examine the financial underpinnings of  a corporate entity with regards to an upcoming investment, merger or acquisition with the main aim being a thorough understanding of the inherent risks associated with a deal.

In a deal where there is a sell / purchase situation, both parties will want to verify the background of the other party to ensure that he / she is acting in good faith. The seller wants to be assured that the buyer has the financial ability to meet the sales price and on the other hand, the buyer wants to be sure that the seller’s property is worth the price commanded. Due Diligence is basically a way of preventing unnecessary harm or loss to either party.

due diligence detectives mumbaiIn many ways, due diligence is similar to pre employment verification. A job applicant who wishes to be employed by a certain company provides information about his / her qualifications and experience. The employer verifies the information provided by the employee and then makes a decision whether to hire him / her or not. Similarly, in due diligence, Party A wants to connect with Party B and provides information about it’s qualifications. Party B verifies the qualifications and takes a call.

Just like pre employment verification, the other party is asked to fill out forms, provide copies of relevant documents and in many cases be required to give their consent to be being investigated. In due diligence, many documents are requested. Below are a list of mandatory compliance required by the buyer for any deal and should you be in the same situation, the below pointers may come handy.

1. A Management hierarchy chart and biographical information of the chief executive officers of the company.

2. Copies of prior or pending lawsuits.

3. Summaries of disputes with suppliers, competitors or customers.

4. Any correspondence regarding threatened or pending litigation, assessments or claims.

5. Decrees, orders or judgement of courts or governmental agencies.

6. Reports made to regulatory groups such as SEBI etc.

7. Summaries of labour disputes.

8. Correspondence concerning pending or threatened labour stoppage.

9. Consulting agreements, loan agreements and documents related to outside transactions  involving corporate officers, directors, key employees and related parties.

10. Compensation schedules of corporate officers, directors and key employees showing salaries, bonuses and non-cash compensation such as the use of cars, entitled leave and vacations, entertainment and property.

11. Summary of management incentive or bonus plans.

12. Confidentiality agreements.

A buyer who has doubts about the veracity of any of the above documents decides to then hire private investigators like us to verify the facts and uncover any other hidden truths if there are any.

Past Conduct Indicates Future Conduct

The investigative techniques used in a due diligence inquiry are not very different from those used when checking records, cross checking references and interviewing knowledgeable people. We honestly believe that a person’s reputation and integrity and the way that he / she will conduct himself / herself in the future can be gauged from his / her behaviour and records of the past. In short, past conduct is a very good indicator of future conduct. A job applicant with a high IQ and a very good aptitude score may look good on paper until a background investigation done by us throws up a criminal record! Similarly, a prospective business partner with a great personality may seem to be the perfect partner until a background investigation reveals a record of suspicious book keeping. Remember you never know what lurks beneath!

Author Bio

Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – who are among the best detective agencies in Mumbai specializing in providing thorough pre matrimonial detectives services among other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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