Information on Home Safety Alarm Systems and Motion Detectors


Top Home Security Agencies MumbaiAs one of the best home security consultants in Mumbai, we try to educate our clients about home security to a great extent because it is one of the areas that most people take lightly because they are under the impression that – Oh that cannot happen to me! Only when a burglary or murder occurs in their immediate vicinity or in one of the apartments in their residential complex do they sit up and start scurrying around to install security systems in their homes.

Even then one is befuddled due to the lack of information on security systems in the market. One can easily walk out of the house to the local hardware store or mall and buy a security alarm or sensor off the rack. But then what?! Who will take the responsibility of fixing the system to ensure that it is fail proof and working as intended? Who will ensure maintenance. More importantly who will conduct an audit of your house and point out the weak areas where an intruder can gain entry?

Lets face it. Installation of safety and security systems should be best left to the professionals. Professionals who have had hundreds of hours of experience in this area and who will be best equipped to conduct a survey of your house and suggest the best fit for your home. The security needs of a bungalow owner will vary vastly with those of an apartment dweller. Home security consultants like us understand this and offer customized solutions to suit every budget and area requirement.

As the year 2012 draws to a close, let us look at examine some chilling statistics that drive home the point – You and your family are sitting ducks for robbers, thieves, rapists and murderers if you haven’t yet installed a home security system. 

Home House Residence Security Experts Mumbai

Source: The Praja Foundation Report. STATE OF POLICING IN MUMBAI (April 2008 to March 2012)

As we can see from the report there were 447 House Break-ins and 736 car thefts in the North West Mumbai Area alone this year and these are official figures. The unofficial tally could be more than double. This means that one out of ten homes will be burglarized in 2013. A chilling thought!

Remember that very often Burglars commit violent crimes in the course of a break-in. They may have intended to rob but when confronted with an ugly situation or cornered the robber can do anything to escape the scene including murder. Robbers can also rape as seen by the recent rape case of a Spanish woman residing in Bandra whereby the robber had gained access to her flat through an unlocked open door and then went on smoke a chillum before her and then raped her, locking her in the toilet after the act and fleeing with her expensive phone and cash!

The good news as the report below suggests that crime numbers over the years are decreasing but that is no reason to be complacent because we all know that statistics are just that – statistics and you definitely do not want your name figured on such statistics in the future.

Top House Security Systems Consultants For Home Mumbai

Source: The Praja Foundation Report. STATE OF POLICING IN MUMBAI (April 2008 to March 2012)

Basic Safety Precautions For Your Home

Lock Your Door & Window

In almost 50% of all residential burglaries, the thief simply came in through an unlocked door or window! Taking a step towards ensuring the safety of your own and your family’s life begins with something as easy as ensuring you lock your doors and windows at all times. It is amazing how most people fail to follow or are too lazy to follow this cardinal rule for home safety. Is doesn’t cost money and is free! Criminals tell us that they spend no longer than 60 seconds trying to break into a home. Good locks and good alarms are a big deterrent for burglars.

Also ask yourself, if you were locked out of your home, would you still be able to get in? If you are like most people, you keep multiple keys with people you think you trust and also hide a spare key in nooks and crannies near your entrance door. Criminals know all your hiding places. Do not keep keys in secret hiding places. My advice is to keep a spare key with a trusted neighbour.

Can Alarm Systems Give Me 100 % Security And Peace of Mind?

The bad news is that no matter how sophisticated your alarm system is, if a criminal is determined to break in, they’ll do just that…break in. The good news is that for a small amount of time and money, (and by following the Crime Prevention measures I will set out to detail below) you can make your home more secure and put the odds in your favor of not being a victim. Let us start with the most popular method of entry — the door. Are your doors sturdy or flimsy?

The bottom line is that when it comes to doors, solid wood or metal are your best choices. The front door should have a wide-angle peephole viewer. The purpose of this special type of peephole is to see who is outside without opening the door.

Before we talk about deterrents:

A short comment about door chains – 

They don’t work. They’re flimsy, break easily, and they DON’T KEEP OUT INTRUDERS!

Electronic Alarm Deterrents For Intruders

When it comes to deterrents, the old adage is, you get what you pay for. As with anything else, prices and quality vary. During my work as a home security consultant, I have personally tested a dozen alarms in the market and suggest the ones that fit with your needs and budgets perfectky. They range in price from a few thousands of rupees to lakhs.

Criminals always check the doors for flimsiness before attempting to break in. You will also be surprised with the basic tools that they use – screwdrivers and credit cards! A regular flat-tipped screwdriver is used to pry open the mechanism that is located between the door and the area adjacent to it, which is called the jamb.

Step Outside For a While

It’s a good idea to step outside the sanctity of your castle to see how the bad guys see your castle.  Criminals tell us that, like Vampires and Cockroaches, they hate bright lights. So the first thing you should do is put a 60 – 100 watt light LED bulb in all the rooms your house.

If your house or apartment complex has floodlights on the outside of your home, turn them on or talk to the secretary of your building to turn them on after dusk and keep them till sunrise. (No money-saving or green energy saving measures here please! It’s your life we are talking about). If the lights have burned out, replace them.

Motion Detection Lights Are a Second Option

If you are really worried about power bills and also care for the environment, then for some extra money you can call residential security consultants like us to install motion detection lights. These have the advantage of not being lit all night and they immediately flood the compounds with lights once they detect any movement. If you decide to install these motion sensors, we always make sure they are aligned properly and placed high enough so the bad guys can’t, simply, unscrew the bulbs. What I really meant by this is to make sure there is no “dead space” whereby a bad guy can stay close to the house and the sensors won’t pick up his movements. Once installed, we also make sure you get it tested at night to ensure that everything works normally.

A Word Of Caution

Some of these systems are very sensitive and any stray dog or cat will immediately light up your yard like the Brabourne Stadium during a day-night match! If you’re a bungalow owner and are away from your house for extended periods of time or if you travel, invest in timers for your lights.

Setting Timers on The Lights In Your House

Lights Motion Detectors Sensors Company MumbaiAlso remember that Criminals watch a house for a few nights before they make an entry. Do not assume them to be dumb. Lights left on 24 hours a day signal an empty house — one that will actually attract robbers instead of repelling them.

Setting timers on lights on your house or compound is an option. When you set your timers, the lights come on at different time, in different rooms. This creates the illusion that you’re home.

Here are a few more proactive things to do:

  • Make a list of your valuables by serial number.
  • Keep the list in your office or at a trusted friend or relative’s house.
  • Take photos of your valuables and put the serial numbers on the back.
  • Again, keep these in a location other than your house. Don’t let the mail pile up.

Another Very Important Tip For Your Safety

Newspapers, milk pouches, puja flowers etc. gathering dust outside your house for two or three days immediately signals to an intruder that the owners are on vacation! So if the house is going to be empty for more than a day, inform the newspaper delivery guy, the milkman, the garland guy and whoever else drops off things outside your door on a daily basis to stop services until notified to resume. Ask a neighbour to hold your couriers and other snail mail for you.

Purchase an inexpensive engraver from a local hardware store and engrave your name on all your valuables like TVs, Hard Drives, stereos, and computers. Together, these are the least expensive things you can do to protect yourself and your property.

Do You Need an Alarm System For Your House

And Why You Should Hire a Consultant For the Job

If you have valuables in your home, (and who among us doesn’t) if you live in an isolated area or if anyone in your neighborhood has ever been the victim of a break-in, you need an alarm.

Alarms range from cheap gadgets to ones that cost lakhs and can put Inspector Gadget to shame! Though there are plenty of basic Do-it-yourself security alarms and sensors available in the market we suggest that you get consultants to install it for you. Consultants have the knowledge, skills and expertise required to install these systems in place to ensure that they work without any glitches. Because what good is a security system if it’s not working the way it is supposed to or if it fails when a robber shows up. Also due to our relationship with the manufacturers and also due to the fact that we buy products on bulk, we can pass on heavy discounts to our clients adding to substantial savings when it all adds up.

Don’t you be the “bad guy” to your Neighbours

Home security consultants will regularly test test your system – usually in the daytime to avoid waking the neighbours up!

11:00 pm or 12:00 noon is probably a good time for testing. Also, we advise our clients on how not to set off false alarms which can make you hugely unpopular with the Security Sensors Alarms Companies Agencies Mumbaiother residents of your apartment complex! Remember a decade and a half back when car alarms were in vogue? Remember the parking lots in your residential complex? Every car had their alarms set to the highest sensitivity where merely brushing up against a car set off WWII Blitzkrieg alarms. In time, people became desensitized to the sounds of car alarms. Now, no one notices when a car alarm goes off. But it pays to instal your alarm systems right so that it does not become a pain to your neighbours.

Stay Alert If You Think There is An Intruder In Your House

Criminals tell us that they try to be in and out of a house they’ve broken into within 2-3 minutes. They also tell us that if confronted, their mode changes from thief to armed robber and sometimes to rapist and murderer. If you arrive home and notice the front door partially open or the window open DO NOT GO IN! Instead, immediately go to a neighbour’s house and call 100 for Mumbai Police or just get away from your home and call the Mumbai police emergency number 100 from your cell phone.

We will discuss more tactics on how to deal with intruders when they are inside your house in a later article. Right now I would like you to go through the above article once more to understand the implications of what I have said and if you haven’t installed a security system in your home yet do it now! If you live in Mumbai, you can call me on +91 98206 07875 for a consultation on the best security solution for your home or office.

Its the last weekend of 2102. Have fun and remember – SAFETY FIRST. Drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive. Ensuring your own and your family’s safety should be your number 1 resolution for the year 2013!

Author Bio

Amit Sen, a commercial pilot by training, has over 15 years experience in the space of corporate investigations, handling Copyright & Trademark infringement cases, Pre – employment verification Industrial Espionage investigations, Asset & Net – Worth assessment assignments and vendor / supplier verification cases, among others. Co-founder of Alliance One Detectives – which is the best home security consultants in Mumbai. Apart from specializing in home security, Amit has also successfully completed assignments in a wide range of sectors, including the machine tools industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitality sector, specialized equipment (Oil & natural gas sector, aviation industry etc.), telecom industry & the IT & ITes sectors. These cases have all involved both offline and online investigations.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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Tips For Budgeting Your Wedding


Heading the pre marital investigations team at Alliance One’s Mumbai Head Office, I am very excited to write for the ‘Wedding Tips’ section on our blog every other day because first of all it lets me take some time out from my super hectic schedule, sit in a corner without any distractions, grab a latte and get creative and let the words flow on the keypad. Writing is something which I love but which in the past I haven’t much of a chance to explore! Thanks Atin! Putting down wedding pointers and tips for our website’s visitors go a long way in helping them ensure a smooth wedding ceremony and reception.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Matrimonial Detectives in MumbaiMost of our clients are in the preparatory stages of their wedding and as such they would do well to bookmark our ‘Wedding Tips’ section or even take print outs to help them plan the wedding. That is of course after we give them a green signal! With great power comes great responsibility – says Pete Parker’s Grandpa in Spiderman. It is something that we do not take very lightly.

We go the whole nine yards of sari when doing a background check! Bad Pun I agree! The responsibility of checking the background details of a potential bride or groom weighs heavily upon our conscience because it is ultimately on the basis of the final report that we submit to the client that will decide whether the wedding will take place or not. Gosh! Sometimes when I think about it I feel overwhelmed. Two people who could go on to marry, raise kids, go on vacations, buy a house, get old together (well not always!) – all cancelled because of a background verification report that went against what the other person claimed! Lets get on with some tips about budget planning today.

Even if the bride’s parents are strict traditionalists and insist on paying for the wedding, you will face significant expenses and need to start setting up a realistic budget right at the start.

You need to decide together:

  1. How much money you currently have which can be used for starting your wedding fund
  2. How much you can manage to put aside without living on dal chawal (you need to keep up your strength and complexion), and
  3. What contributions you are certain to get from loving and better-off relatives.

That’s all you can really count on and, of course, some urgent expense or the non-arrival of a promised cash gift may require a quick and significant change between now and the big day. Make sure that you stick within your budget unless there is some unexpected development. Maybe you can think of ways to increase the available amount?

Emphasize the Essentials

It’s time for another list! This one is very important because it will save you time and help you to keep within your budget. You need to list every relevant item that each of you can think of which you need or want to buy between now and your wedding. Then, draw all the essential expenses into a new list. Things like supplier’s accounts, stationery, minister’s or pandit’s fee, hiring of venues, registrations, passports, insurance, accommodation (for guests and the honeymoon) Wedding Background Checks Groom Brideetc.

Now you should review the remaining items together and remove any that are very low priority, then save the remainder on a list called something like “if possible”. Your budget needs to have an untouchable cushion as well as the amount set aside for each item in the two new lists. If you manage to reduce the cost of something you listed, move the amount actually saved to the cushion or use it to promote something from the “if possible” to the must have list”.

If you are unsure, then put it aside for a while.

Who Pays for What

Like many things that were laid down as L-A-W for all weddings in past days, the decisions about who pays for what are observed to varying degrees by people today who are more realistic and decide who pays according to ability and whether the couple actually need or want help in that area. The bride’s parents traditionally paid all the expenses of the wedding but that was really a relic of the old view which had a girl worth less than her brothers. The bride’s parents either paid the expenses or a dowry (cash or cattle) to the groom for taking her off their hands!

Times have changed my Friend!

Mumbai Investigators Matrimonial Checks Many times, both sets of parents share the costs or the bride and groom pay the bulk or all of the expenses themselves. It depends on the ability and willingness of each to contribute. If someone can’t or won’t, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you as much as the other parents. Accept their position and set your plans in line with what you have.

If you decide to get some debt to ensure you have the sort of wedding you really want, make sure that it’s a joint decision because you will both have to live within the reduced income until that debt is cleared. One advantage that comes from paying for your own wedding is that you don’t have the burden of any obligations that sometimes come with large sums of cash.

If you feel that a parent or other relative has put emotional strings on their cash, talk to them before accepting the gift. Thank them for the money and ask them to understand that you will have full control of how the money is used. Otherwise, you’re probably better to get them to pay for a specific item, like the catering or keep the cheque so you avoid any ongoing obligation.

This can be more complicated with second and subsequent marriages, which seem to be increasing. There can be no reason to believe that any parents have any obligation to contribute substantially to second or third marriages. Some will without being asked. And it’s probably more responsible and caring not to ask those who don’t.

Cutting Costs Without Pain

The first thing to do is to talk to all the people involved. If someone promises you a contribution, either you or your partner must follow up and sort things out. That’s a task for whoever is more closely related to the person or couple that made the promise.

But, understand if their circumstances, or their priorities, change. You will have a, hopefully, long-term or even lifetime relationship with them, and starting off with a heated discussion about money is not a good omen. On the other hand, don’t accept an obligation to pay some expenses or for a gift for someone where you don’t think it’s reasonable.

Outfitting the Wedding Party

The mothers and family members of the bride and groom will choose their own dresses and pay for them themselves. You might be able to get a better deal from the bridal salon if you all buy the same style at the same time. But, you can also check out other dress shops and even factory outlets in your area. I don’t recommend buying dresses from online auctions because of possible delays, bad descriptions and the ever-present possibility of fraud.

Be particularly careful to choose shoes which are supportive and they must be comfortable. Many venues have floors which suck the strength from your legs over a few hours. Waking up the next morning with aching legs is not a good way to start your marriage. Maybe you could wear more stylish, but less comfortable shoes for the ceremony and change them for a pair which look after your feet better when you get to the reception venue.

Children at Your Wedding

If it is a second or third marriage for either of you, then you may have children. You will want them to attend the wedding and the reception. You will also need to involve them in a meaningful way with the preparation and put their name(s) on the invitation. If your children are still getting to know his children, there may be some unsettled tensions.

You could include them in the ceremony but only after discussing it with them and gauging their real attitude, not just accepting their verbal agreement. If the children are truly willing, arrange for them to be part of the ceremony but never push. It’s obviously important to be even-handed and a small but valuable memento of the occasion for each child could help to smooth over any remaining tensions in the following weeks.

Other People’s Children

Marital Matrimonial Marriage Background VerificationYou may not want guests to bring their children to the wedding or reception even though you will have yours there, of course. That should be okay with any reasonable person and, especially your friends and relatives because Indian wedding ceremonies and receptions can get really boring and children being hyperactive may just ruin the place and make the event noisy and bothersome for you and the guests. If your guests do bring children along, welcome them but tell the parents that you hope they will still enjoy the function while keeping an eye on their little Attila. It is not your responsibility!

If you decide to let guests bring their children, you’ll need to provide them with some appropriate food, distractions like puzzles or games, and entertainment or a couple of wranglers ….. I mean child sitters. Children love to be entertained and most good entertainers charge fair fees but they probably will only attend for a set period. If that fits your budget and program, it’s worth considering. You might be able to hire or persuade a couple of reliable teenagers to look after the children for the duration. See if you can get an extra, smaller room at the venue for a small additional cost. It could be well worth it to reduce stress and interruptions to your “main event”.

Check with the parents about any allergies or other conditions which you and the minders need to be aware of.


You might be an dog lover as also your guests but pets are banned at weddings! Period!

I hope these above tips will help you in planning to plan the budget for the wedding and take away some tips that you may have overlooked. To learn more about our Pre Marital Investigation Services please click here.

Author Bio

Tania Verma is the Head of Operations at Alliance One’s Mumbai Head Office. A mechanical engineer by education, she has a wide variety of experience in various fields such as manufacturing, consumer products and services and the Retail Sector. A strong operational person Tania gets the job done however tight the deadlines and however tough and arduous the task. She excels under pressure and maintains excellent relationships with our corporate clients as well as high networth individuals all over India who have used the company’s services in the past and continue to do so.  Having married recently she feels strongly about untruthful people taking advantage of others and has taken a deep and abiding interest in our pre marital investigation services in Mumbai and leads our able team from the front.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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How Computer Network Security Hackers Can Cripple Your Business


Best Network Security Agency MumbaiAs a Risk Consulting Company based in Mumbai, we are often called upon to asses the risk to a company’s network security from hackers and suggest solutions to prevent intruders from accessing a company’s communications systems. When we talk about the communications and internet security of a company we are basically talking about Network Security.

Network security goes hand in hand with Computer Security

These days it is hard to separate the two. Everything, from electronic hotel door locks to cellular telephones to desktop computers, is attached to networks. As difficult as it is to build a secure stand-alone computer, it is much more difficult to build a computer that is secure when attached to a network. And networked computers are even more pregnable; instead of an attacker needing to be in front of the computer he is attacking, he can be halfway across the planet and attack the computer using the network. A networked world may be more convenient, but it is also much more insecure.

These days it’s pretty much impossible to talk about computer security without talking about network security. Even something as specialized as the credit card clearing system works using computer networks. So do cellular telephones and burglar alarm systems. Slot machines in casinos are networked, as are some vending machines. The computers in your kitchen appliances such as the smart refrigerators will soon be networked, as will the ones in your car. All computers a and home entertainment and utility gadgets and devices will eventually be networked.

Lots of different types of networks are out there, but I’m going to be talking about the Internet protocol: TCP/IP. Networking protocols seem to be converging on the Internet, so it makes the most sense to talk about the Internet. This is not to imply that the Internet protocols are more insecure than others — although certainly they were never designed with security in mind — only that there are more good examples. Later, I talk about the fundamental dilemma of choosing a common protocol that is widely attacked by hackers, and hence whose security is constantly improving, or one that is obscure and little-known, and is possibly even less secure.


Computer networks are bunches of computers connected to each other. That is, either physical wires run between computers — wires in an office LAN, dedicated phone lines (possibly ISDN or DSL), dial-up connections, fiber optic, or whatever — or there is an electromagnetic connection: radio links, microwaves, and so forth.

Simply, when one computer wants to talk to another, it creates a message, called a packet, with the destination computer’s name on it and sends it to the computer over this network. This is fundamentally unlike telephone conversations. When Alisha wants to call Sunil, she tells the phone company’s computer network Bob’s network name (commonly known as his telephone number) and the network hooks up different communications circuits — copper wire, satellite, cellular, fiber, whatever — to make an unbroken connection. Alisha and Sunil talk through this circuit until one of them hangs up. Then, the telephone network disassembles this connection and lets other people use the same pieces for other phone calls. The next time Alisha  calls Sunil, they will be connected through a completely different set of links. (Well, mostly different; the line between the telephones and the first switches will be the same.)

Computers don’t use circuits to talk to each other. They don’t have conversations like people do — they send short data packets back and forth. These packets are broken-up pieces of anything: e-mail messages, GIF’s of naked ladies, streaming audio or video, Internet telephone calls. Computers divide large files into packets for Best Computer Security Risk Company Firm Mumbaieasier transmission. (Think of a ten-page letter being divided up and mailed in ten different envelopes. At the recipient’s end, someone opens all the envelopes and reassembles the letter in its proper order. The packets don’t have to arrive in order, and they don’t have to travel along the same route to their destination.)

These packets are sent through the network by routers. There are bunches of protocols — Ethernet, TCP, whatever — but they all work basically (for large values of “basically”) the same way. Routers look at the addresses on packets, and then send them toward their destination. They may not know where the destination is, but they know something about where it should go. It’s sort of like the postal system. A letter carrier visits your house, takes all of your outgoing mail, and brings it to the local post office. The post office might not know where 173 Sea Wind Heights, Ashutosh Lane, Bandra is, but it knows that it should put the envelope on the truck to the airport. The airport postal workers don’t know either, but they know to put the letter on a plane to Mumbai. The Mumbai post office knows to put the letter on a truck to Bandra. The Bandra post office knows to put the letter to Carter Road. And finally, the local Carter Road post office knows where the address is, and a letter carrier delivers it.

What You Need To Know About IP Security

It’s not hard to see that any network built on this model is terribly insecure. Consider the Internet. As those packets pass from router to router, their data, sometimes called their payload, is open to anyone who wants to read it. The routers are only supposed to look at the destination address in the packet header, but there’s nothing to stop them from peeking at the contents. Most IP packets in the world go over just a handful of high-speed connections between lightning-fast routers, known as the Internet backbone. All packets between distant points, the United States and Japan, for example, go through only a few routers.

Best Top Computer Security Consultants It’s hard for an individual hacker to monitor the entire Internet, but it’s easy for him to monitor a small piece of it. All he has to do is to gain access to some computer on the network. Then he can watch all the packets going through, looking for interesting ones. If he gets access to a machine close to Company A, he will probably be able to monitor all the traffic in and out of that company. (Of course, by “close to” I mean “near on the network,” and not necessarily physically near.) If he gets a machine nowhere near Company A, he might see little (or none) of that company’s traffic. If he’s a quintessential hacker and doesn’t care what company he eavesdrops on, then it doesn’t really matter.

Packets with passwords in them are particularly interesting. Password sniffing is easy, and a common Internet attack. An attacker installs a packet sniffer designed to steal usernames and passwords. All the program does is collect the first two dozen (or so) characters of every session that requires a login and save them for the attacker. These characters almost certainly contain the username and password (usually the unencrypted password). Then the attacker runs a password cracker on the encrypted passwords, and uses those passwords to break into other computers. It’s difficult to spot because password sniffers are small and in conspicuous. And it can snowball. Once you have broken into one machine, you can install a password sniffer on it and get even more passwords. Maybe you can use those passwords to break into other machines. And so on.

Not only is eavesdropping possible, but active attacks are also possible . . . easier, actually. In most communications systems, it is far easier to passively eavesdrop on a network than it is to actively insert and delete messages. On the Internet, it is reversed. It’s difficult to eavesdrop. However, it’s easy to send messages; any self-respecting hacker can do that. Because communications are packet-based, and they travel along many different paths and are reassembled at the destination, it’s easy to slip another packet in with the rest of them. Many, many attacks are based on blindly inserting packets into existing communications channels.

What is IP Spoofing

It’s called IP spoofing, and it’s easy. Packets have source and destination information, but an attacker can modify them at will. An attacker can create packets that seem to come from one site, but don’t really. Computers on the Internet assume that the “from” and “to” information is accurate, so if a computer sees a packet from a computer it trusts, it assumes that the packet is trusted. An attacker can take advantage of this trusting relationship to break into a machine: He sends a packet purporting to come from a trusted computer in the hope that the target computer will trust the packet.

There are routing attacks, where an attacker tells two points on the Internet that the shortest route between them goes through his computers. This makes eavesdropping on a particular node easier. This section could go on and on; whole books have been written about attacks against the Internet.

The solutions to these problems are obvious in theory, but harder in practice. If you encrypt packets, no one can read them in transit. If you authenticate packets, no one can insert packets that pretend to come from somewhere else, and deleted packets will be noticed and reacted to.

In fact, several solutions encrypt packets on the Internet. Programs like SSH encrypt and authenticate shell connections from a user on one machine to a computer across the network. Protocols like SSL can encrypt and authenticate Web traffic across the Internet. Protocols like IPsec promise to be able to encrypt and authenticate everything.

What is DNS Security

The Domain Name Service (DNS) is basically a large distributed database. Most computers on the Internet — nodes, routers, and hosts — have a domain name like “” or “”. These names are designed to be remembered by people, and are used to build things like URLs and e-mail addresses. Computers don’t understand domain names; they understand IP addresses like IP addresses are then used to route packets around the network.

Among other things, the DNS converts domain names to IP addresses. When a computer is handed a domain name, it queries a DNS server to translate that domain name into an IP address. Then it knows where to send the packet.

The problem with this system is that there’s no security in the DNS system. So when a computer sends a query to a DNS server and gets a reply, it assumes that the reply is accurate and that the DNS server is honest. In fact, the DNS server does not have to be honest;it could have been hacked. And the reply that the computer gets from the DNS server might not have even come from the DNS server; it could have been a faked reply from somewhere else. If an attacker makes changes in the DNS tables (the actual data that translates domains to IP addresses and vice versa), computers will implicitly trust the modified tables.

It’s not hard to imagine the kinds of attacks that could result. An attacker can convince a computer that he is coming from a trusted computer (change the DNS tables to Companies in Mumbai Who Do Computer Security Risk Consultingmake it look like the attacker’s computer is a trusted IP address). An attacker can hijack a network connection (change the DNS tables so that someone wanting to connect to legitimate. actually makes a connection with An attacker can do all sorts of things. And DNS servers have a viral update procedure; if one DNS server records a change, it tells the other DNS servers and they believe it. So if an attacker can make a change at a few certain points, that change can propagate across the Internet.

In one attack in 1999, someone hacked the DNS system so that traffic to Network Solutions — they’re one of the companies that register domain names — was redirected to other domain-name registration companies. A similar attack, from 1997, was a publicity attack. This was before domain registration was opened up for competition. Eugene Kashpureff, owner of the alternative AlterNIC, redirected Network Solutions traffic to his site as a protest. He was arrested and convicted, and received two years’ probation.

In 2000, RSA Security’s homepage was hijacked by spoofing the DNS tables. This is not the same as breaking into the Web site and defacing the page. The attacker created a fake home page, and then redirected legitimate traffic to that faked page by manipulating the DNS records. The hacker did this not by cracking RSA’s DNS server, but the DNS server upstream in the network. Clever, and very easy. DNS record spoofing is a trivial way to spoof a real Web site crack. And to make matters worse for the hijacked site, the hijacking misleads people into thinking intruders cracked the Web site at Company A, when intruders actually cracked the DNS server at Company B.

These problems are serious, and cannot easily be fixed. Cryptographic authentication will eventually solve this problem, because no longer will computers implicitly trust messages that claim to come from a DNS server. Currently people are working on a secure version of the DNS system that will deal with these issues, but it’s going to be a long wait. I will talk about Cryptographic authentication in the next post.

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Author Bio

Amit Sen, a commercial pilot by training, has over 15 years experience in the space of corporate investigations, handling Copyright & Trademark infringement cases, Pre – employment verification Industrial Espionage investigations, Asset & Net – Worth assessment assignments and vendor / supplier verification cases, among others. Co-founder of Alliance One Detectives – which is the best home security consultants in Mumbai. Apart from specializing in home security, Amit has also successfully completed assignments in a wide range of sectors, including the machine tools industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitality sector, specialized equipment (Oil & natural gas sector, aviation industry etc.), telecom industry & the IT & ITes sectors. These cases have all involved both offline and online investigations.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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Basic Safety Tips For Women In Public Places


Young Women Must Train in the Martial Arts

Home Personal Security Company MumbaiIn light of the growing crimes against women in India and the unrest among the youth in the country to initiate stricter laws against criminals and rapists, I have to say that no law can deter a criminal mind from achieving his / her aims and objectives. As long as humanity as a whole and society does not evolve into higher states of consciousness, crime will always remain. We are still an animalistic species and hidden under our cultivated civilized appearance lies an animal that can shed its civilized skin and turn into a beast at any given opportunity. Contrary to what you might think, it is every man and woman on their own in this world. These might be harsh words but it is best to face the truth rather than live in a delusionary make-believe sugar-coated world which is unreal.

Do Not Expect Help From Others

When being attacked in a public place even in full public view, do not expect help from others. Most people do not want to risk injury to themselves or involve themselves in other people’s problems. Very rarely will someone brave their life to come to your rescue. Which is why you must be well prepared physically, mentally and emotionally to deal with any risk or harm that might come your way in the future.

I strongly advise women to enrol in a martial arts program near their residences and put in daily efforts either before going to work or college in the morning or in the evening hours. Learning martial arts is a double-edged sword. The woman of today leads a highly stressful life. She is expected to fulfill many obligations unlike the woman of two generations back. She has to not only look after her family’s needs but also that of her children’s, her husband’s and at the same time manage her career. Traveling in public places and being under constant male scrutiny puts her at added risk of attack and confrontation. By training in martial arts, at the end of a year you will not only emerge mentally and physically tougher and stronger but also become confident in your interactions with men and feel more secure in public places. Armed with tactics that can ward off any attacker, martial arts training will also keep you in prime physical condition to take on the responsibilities of your life and career as well.

Remember criminals always pick out the weakest and those who look the most vulnerable. If the Delhi gang rape victim was trained in basic martial arts and self defense she could have easily thwarted the advances of the 5 attackers and escaped from the bus – even going as far as injuring her attackers grievously – instead of the current scenario where she is battling for her own life.

Safety Tips For Women Using an ATM

Let us now cover some situations where women are at risk. The ATM for one. Criminals applauded the advent and overwhelming use of automated teller machines or ATM’s. It is less risky than robbing a bank and the escape is easier, especially at night. So the first rule of safety when using an ATM is to use them during the day. House Security Company MumbaiCheck your wallet before you leave work. Short on cash? Stop by the ATM in your office building or at your bank on the way home.

If you still need to withdraw cash after dark, follow these precautions if you are at an unmanned ATM. Even if there are guards around, remember that ATM guards in India are usually unarmed. The thief would just need to draw a knife or a gun for the guard to duck and throw his hands up. Look around before putting your card in the ATM. Punch in your code/in number. Look around again. Punch in the amount. Look around again.

Criminals tell us that it’s at this point they strike. Be prepared. Keep ever vigilant, until you hear that annoying beeping that signals your cash is ready. Immediately press the “I do not want to make another transaction” key. Take your money and ATM cards, get into your car or melt into the crowd onto the streets.

More precautions for women when using an ATM: 

  • Insert ATM card-look around to see if anyone is approaching.
  • If you have Pepper Spray, have it ready.
  • Put in your pin / code number — look around again.
  • Put in your withdrawal amount — look around and keep looking around until you hear the annoying beep signaling you to take your money.
  • Quickly remove your money and look around until you get back into your vehicle. Lock the door and drive away. If walking immediately move into a crowded area or street.

Safety Tips For Women Using Public Transportation

Safety inside Buses, Metro and Railway Stations

Stay Alert, Stay Alive

Home Security House Security Company MumbaiIn light of the recent gang rape of a girl in Delhi, here’s something I would again urge women to keep in mind: STAY ALERT. MOVE AWAY FROM UNCOMFORTABLE PEOPLE AND PLACES.

When you board a public bus or subway, sit close to the driver or other friendly faces. What’s a “friendly face?” Trust your gut instinct. You know a trusting friendly face when you see one. Similarly you can sense when a person has wicked intentions. It’s all there in the expressions and the body language.

The bottom line is, again, trust your 6th sense. But if someone does bother you, don’t be embarrassed to shout “Leave me alone!” and if that doesn’t work, scream! Finally, watch who gets off the bus or railway station with you. If your now finely tuned 6th sense tells you to walk with the others who have also gotten off the bus, listen to it.

If a robbery is imminent and occurs, give up whatever property the robber wants. Do not resist. Expensive jewelry or wads of cash or credit cards is not worth your risking your life! Just give up your watch or ring, throw the money or wallet in the air and run screaming at the top of your lungs. Criminals tell us that 9 times out of 10, they won’t chase you. After all, they have what they wanted, your property and money. But if they do chase you, scream for help. If they catch you — try and act as if you have fainted! Sometimes this tactic works very well and most robbers and thieves do not want to do anything with a limp, uncommunicative and unresistant body which can land them into a soup. Women should do well to learn how to faint by acting it out at home and mastering it. When in trouble just act as if you have fainted at the spot.

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Also please feel free to call me on my cell phone +91 98206 07875 if you have any concerns about your safety and security at home or at your workplace be it real world or cyber stalking, counter surveillance if you feel you are being followed, phone harassment cases, bullying or any threats to your safety and life.

If you would like to install Residential Security Systems in your home click her for more information.

Author Bio

Amit Sen, a commercial pilot by training, has over 15 years experience in the space of corporate investigations, handling Copyright & Trademark infringement cases, Pre – employment verification Industrial Espionage investigations, Asset & Net – Worth assessment assignments and vendor / supplier verification cases, among others. Co-founder of Alliance One Detectives – which is the best home security consultants in Mumbai. Apart from specializing in home security, Amit has also successfully completed assignments in a wide range of sectors, including the machine tools industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitality sector, specialized equipment (Oil & natural gas sector, aviation industry etc.), telecom industry & the IT & ITes sectors. These cases have all involved both offline and online investigations.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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How to Hire The Right Professionals To Manage Your Wedding


Best Marriage Detectives in MumbaiPre Marital Investigations being a major department for us, the visitors who land up on our website after searching for services like ours are usually in the preparatory stages of their own or their son’s or daughter’s wedding. Keeping that in mind we have recently started a ‘Wedding Tips‘ category on our popular private investigation and personal security blog whereby visitors who are planning their marriages can take away some pointers for planning a perfect wedding.

I will set out to list below some pointers on how to hire the best professionals who will not only make your wedding memorable but also ensure minimum stress and hiccups.

Keeping Your Wedding Expenses in Check

You can keep some of your expenses in check by using your “personal network” to find people that can make your wedding caketable decorations or even provide classy vehicles to transport the bridal party on the wedding day. But, don’t expect to get everything for free. Offer to cover any out of pocket expenses (such as fuel). Don’t forget to seek them out during the reception and chat. Then, make sure that you give them a quality token of your appreciation along with your sincere thanks.

Finding the Best Wedding Planner

If you have got just a small budget then you and, perhaps, family and friends will have to do all the planning. If you have the funds, then you might find the professional wedding planner will not just save you more than he / she charges, but will also act as a buffer where there is disagreement between you and one or more of your parents about some part of the arrangements. You can hire a wedding planner to take charge from the earliest stage or just come in a few days before the event to make sure everything comes to a memorable and joyous conclusion. Even if you go for the second, less expensive option, you will still need to book them much earlier, of course.

When the planner is in charge of most of the arrangements, she can get professional discounts from suppliers which Best Wedding Detectives Mumbaimeans that your costs are lower. You might get discounts from some suppliers by yourself but they give planners who provide them with steady business much better ones. She also only deals with suppliers that she knows are reliable and high quality. Remember that any good planner will provide you with choices but always be focused on helping you to achieve the type of wedding that you want. She will explain what can be provided within your budget, suggest alternatives in design, location and other aspects but always leave the final decisions to you. Wedding Planners build their businesses through referrals. So, their focus is over-delivering on your usually very high expectations.

Don’t want a Professional Planner?

You can call on friends, colleagues and, especially, family to help you with advice and also the leg-work involved in checking on venues and suppliers. Many people will also have contacts that may be able and willing to supply some services for your wedding. At the very least, their feedback about suppliers they have used could save you a lot of leg work and time.

Choosing a Good Wedding Photographer

There are many commercial photographers to choose from when looking for someone to take photos or a video of your wedding and reception. These days in India, it is a very competitive market but price is just one important factor you have to consider. You need to look past the specially chosen pictures that the  photographer puts on his brochure or website. The best idea is to ask to see a full set of proofs from one of the weddings which he photographed.

Ask for references and check through your own friends about their recommendations. Be prepared for some horror  stories and some glowing testimonials. Make sure that the photographer whose pictures you have seen is actually the one who will be at your wedding. But, if it’s a one person business, ensure that they have someone with similar abilities who is able to step in if they are not available at short notice.

Pre Marriage Matrimonial Detectives in MumbaiAs with each of the other suppliers, you must expect to pay for any additional services or features. Make sure you have the cost for the whole package, including albums, in writing before signing the contract. At that point, you are legally committed and any additions or changes could be very expensive. Most photographers will proudly display their membership certificates for the appropriate professional associations. But, a photographer may still produce work of a very high standard and not be a member of any association. And, membership or even having won awards, is no guarantee of a good result – check their recent work.

Do not expect “Hollywood” or “Bollywood” standard results. Those pictures are produced by experts with a supporting team of qualified professionals and in highly controlled environments. One picture might take an hour to set up and then undergo significant retouching later on. Time is another important consideration. If you want the best possible pictures, set enough time into your wedding day schedule for the photographer to arrange and shoot the pictures at the various locations. Besides the best photographs are ‘candid’ reality photographs taken in moments when the couple and the guests are unaware that the photograph is being clicked and those are the ones that really shine out and show the real human warmth and emotions that are on ample display during a wedding.

Don’t let the photographer tie up your guests for long periods – they want to enjoy the function, to eat the food and mingle. Also, people that are not used to being posed and directed get irritable fairly quickly unless very carefully handled. Tell him what you want but be guided by his suggestions where they concern technical details. You want a photographer that you like enough to be comfortable around through the big day and one that will get along well with your guests. You can’t always avoid inviting your less pleasant relatives to your wedding but you have got more control over choosing the photographer.

Tell the photographer about any particular shots that you want, especially groups containing special family members and/or friends, and encourage them to take lots of pictures. They will probably have a good knowledge of the venue you chose. If they say that there are no good backgrounds for some shots, work with them so that you get the best possible results. All the above will apply when you hire someone to produce a video of your big day.

Give them a list of the particular moments that you want covered.

Don’t want a Professional Photographer?

Even when you hire a professional, encourage your guests to take their own pictures (without interfering with the photographer when he is setting up or shooting). Think carefully before you decide not to use a professional. Then, try to find someone you know who has photographed weddings before and got good results. It’s too important an occasion to risk ending up with no good pictures. Make one person your designated photographer and give them a list of the shots which you want.

Give them time to set up their equipment and the groups to be photographed. But, don’t let any photographer run your whole schedule or harass your guests. Set the locations for the special group shots. Give the people that you want in them at least a few minutes notice so that nobody pops out for a cigarette or is hurrying off to the toilet when they’re needed. Everybody knows that the best pictures have everyone looking at the camera but it is worth reminding your guests just before they are photographed, so that you aren’t left with an album full of apparently sleepy or distracted people. Some amateur videographers like to add a lot of flashy effects to their movies. Ask that they first give you an unedited version for you to keep.

Choosing a Good Wedding Videographer / Cameraman

Weddings can be a profitable area for Videographers but it takes experience and attention to detail to get good results.
Unfortunately, some people see wedding videography as a quick way to earn some money from their new video camera. Want to get spectacular results. Find a good ad film director – even one who has never shot a wedding. Most directors are eager to prove themselves and will work extra hard to get some great shots of your wedding. A Pre Marital Detective Agency Mumbaiquick search on Google will help you find some good young ad film directors and trust me hiring a good director will not cost you the earth. Some good assistant directors charge only Rs. 25,000/- per day and are also experts at editing what they have shot and will give you a colour corrected final edit that will look gorgeous and spectacular.

Ask how many people and cameras will be used. A good cameraman or director can produce an enjoyable result with just one camera and operator but two cameras give many more possibilities (and cost more too, of course). Of course once you hire a director, he / she will give you a budget that includes all costs of camera rentals, service charges etc.

If the film will be edited, check whether you can also get a copy of the raw footage for your own viewing. A professional probably won’t agree to just supplying the raw footage because they would not want it distributed – it might reflect on their professional reputation. But, supplying an unedited copy might be agreed to provided you confirm that it won’t be shown outside of your own home. It’s a good idea to get a volunteer to stay near the director / videographer while they are at the venue to smooth their way with the other guests so they can concentrate on giving you the best possible video memories.

Give them a list of the main people at your wedding and reception along with a clearly marked map and all the relevant people’s mobile phone numbers.

Don’t want a Professional Videographer?

The potential for disappointment with an amateur video of your wedding is like that with amateur photography but multiplied a few times. That’s because the technology is still fairly new but the price of a reasonable camera has dropped to where almost anyone can get one, just in time for your wedding. Where a professional will try to make a story from your wedding and reception, many amateurs will be prone to trying every feature which they can find on their camera.

They may not have conquered those common beginner problems of shake and external unwanted noise like wind or irrelevant conversation.

That can be significantly reduced by using an external directional microphone with a wind cover. It’s a good idea to use quality lapel microphones to record the speeches onto the video. Careful editing will improve most amateur videos but it is like anything else; start with the best original that you can to get the best results.

The bottom line is that you get just one chance to get it right. So hire a pro for video shooting your wedding and create memories that will last for generations to come!

Hiring a Master of Ceremonies

A professional MC can make an event memorable and the worst speaker look good. But, it’s an extra expense and many couples are choosing to get a DJ and rely on a male relative to introduce the special guests, speakers and anything else that is required.

They will discuss with you before the event any particular people you want them to mention and subjects that might unwittingly cause discomfort to any of the guests. Give them the times that your reception will start and finish as well as when you want them to begin their presentation, plus any relevant information about the minister or celebrant, special guests and the people who will do the actual speeches and any musicians or other entertainers who will perform at your reception. Then, just leave them to it.

Don’t want a Professional Master of Ceremonies?

You should try to find someone with some speaking experience or, at least, someone that you know will prepare for the occasion. There is no such thing as a great impromptu speech. A friend who is a professional speaker said that the most valuable advice he ever got was to practice everything, including his ad-libs (impromptu remarks).

If the professionals don’t risk making a real off-the-cuff joke, then the risk of someone with much less experience seeing his joke fall flat or, even worse, seriously offending a guest or group, you can see that preparation is essential.
The other point to be aware of with an amateur MC is for them to avoid making a speech themselves. They are needed to provide a smooth connection between the bride’s family, the groom and his family and friends (or whatever speakers you have) and help the audience to get maximum enjoyment possible from each one. All speakers need to rehearse their speeches. But, remind them that they’re going to be among friends and you just want a few sincere

Hiring a Wedding Caterer

You should do some investigating of your catering options before settling on the caterer or venue. Some venues have in-house catering which may give you a better price Before Wedding Background Checks Agency Mumbaithan if you hire a venue and arrange an outside caterer who has to bring in their equipment, staff and supplies, then pack up everything afterwards. Of course, deciding to use a specialist caterer will give you a wider range of food options and some may cost less than the in-house catering.

Focus on the sort of food which you both like and also your families, but be aware of the likely preferences of your guests, especially any from different cultures and the elderly. This is an area where you are unlikely to get more than you pay for. Catering is fiercely competitive and costs are steadily increasing. The best recommendation is word of mouth from friends, colleagues and people in other businesses you deal with. You could ask the people that organize your office’s Christmas party or the people at any other reasonable-sized business you deal with who caters for their functions and what they like or don’t like about them. You need to be sure that you won’t be let down on the day, so inquire what provision the caterer has if there is a problem with the number of their regular staff available for your event. Don’t just go for the caterer with the most eye-catching or largest advertisement in your phone book. You might find out that eating the Yellow Pages would have been better!

Don’t want a Professional Caterer?

If members of your family really want to prepare the food for you, tell them up front that they will have a lot to do and you won’t be able to help much because of the rest of your commitments. But, if they’re determined to go ahead, then give them what support you can and be mindful of this major contribution to your wedding when you’re thinking about asking them to help with other preparations.

There can be problems too if someone, like your mother or favorite aunt, offers to make your wedding cake for you. Preparing a wedding cake really is a major project, requiring a lot of effort and time. But, if your budget is very limited, thank them and keep an eye on their progress so that you don’t become cake-deprived at the last minute. The easier option all-round might be to use a professional caterer and ask the generous relative to maybe take part in the reception or give a reading during the wedding itself.

Choosing Live Music or a Disc Jockey For The Wedding Night

The choice of entertainment will depend in part, like everything else, on the budget. Then, it starts and finishes, in my opinion, with the desires of the bride and groom. You need to talk with the people you are thinking of hiring and, preferably, see them work for the same sort of people as yourselves and your friends. Try really hard to get references of people they have worked for recently. Don’t pay too much attention to critics’ column in the local press or their agent when he or she is trying to get you to book them.

Background Varification Agency Marriage Wedding MumbaiWhen you have settled on a group or a DJ that’s within your budget and won’t completely freak out your beloved elderly relatives, you need to let them know of any special requirements you have. For instance, your  Ketan Uncle may want to sing a ballad after he is two pegs down! If that’s okay with you, make sure that the DJ or musicians can accompany him or give them the name and other details of the song so that they can get the music. Some musicians can pick up a tune just by hearing it. Even if someone in the group can do that under normal conditions, it might not work when Uncle Ketan is the singer. The band will have their own needs, like a room to change into their stage gear, check their equipment and relax with a drink (that you pay for) between sessions.

When you decide how long you want them to work, they will say how many breaks they need. It is also wise to allow about, say, half an hour between the finish of the meal and the first music session. That’s because your musicians or DJ will need time to set the equipment in place and check it thoroughly. There’s also a 99% likelihood that the meal will take about that much longer than the caterer suggested. You should also arrange for someone to keep the band happy. That requires someone that is sober and reliable.

That person needs to be supplied with the fee in the agreed form to pay the band when they have finished and, preferably, to keep an eye on their equipment when they take a break and leave the stand. He must not let any of the guests, not even Uncle Jack, fiddle with their equipment.

Hiring Comedians To Keep Your Guests Entertained

Amateur comedians are a hazard. The professional comic spends years perfecting a personal style that looks effortless. But that makes the untalented, or drunk joker think it must be easy enough that even he can do it. If you want to make a great impression with your jokes, try to follow these tips from a very funny friend of mine:

1. Rehearse everything you are going to say, including any apparently impromptu jokes (ad-libs).

2. Be careful that you offend no-one.

3. If you must make someone the butt of a joke, use it against yourself. It worked pretty good for Bob Hope.

4. Don’t just leave them laughing. Stop before your run out of your best material and leave them wanting more!

5. Many people think that a little alcohol before they give a speech or tell a joke will “loosen them up” and help them fight their stage-fright. Instead, alcohol relaxes your inhibitions and reduces your coordination – a recipe for disaster!

I hope these above tips will help you in planning to hire the right people who will work towards making the wedding a grand success! To learn more about our Pre Marital Investigation Services please click here.

Author Bio

Tania Verma is the Head of Operations at Alliance One’s Mumbai Head Office. A mechanical engineer by education, she has a wide variety of experience in various fields such as manufacturing, consumer products and services and the Retail Sector. A strong operational person Tania gets the job done however tight the deadlines and however tough and arduous the task. She excels under pressure and maintains excellent relationships with our corporate clients as well as high networth individuals all over India who have used the company’s services in the past and continue to do so.  Having married recently she feels strongly about untruthful people taking advantage of others and has taken a deep and abiding interest in our pre marital investigation services in Mumbai and leads our able team from the front.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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Why You Must Stay Alert If You Want To Stay Alive


Home Security Systems Mumbai I am traumatized by the daily reports in the newspapers on the Delhi gang rape case. What is most disturbing about this case for me is the visuals. A young girl being brutally raped, sodomized and beaten black and blue by 5 ruffians while the luxury bus is being driven throughout the city. A bus that ferries people to and fro from their homes to their workplaces was used as a safe den for defiling and torturing a young woman. While the world caved in for the young girl inside the bus, there were thousands of people right outside the bus completely unaware of the heinous crime being perpetrated inside.

What must have gone inside the girl’s mind? “If only I could run out of the bus out of the door then I will be safe” “Let me scream for help then maybe someone outside the windows might hear me“. But in the end as it turned out, her struggles were in vain in the face of the combined brutish power of the 5 rapists.

The overriding thought though that must be ringing through the girl’s head even now as she battles for her life would be: I WISH I HADNT BOARDED THAT BUS!

Regret. It’s a loaded word. Regret especially after a terrible incident has occurred can be overwhelming and can cause untold grief and misery to the individual who is in pain. In this case, the girl’s intestine had to be removed by the doctors to prevent the spread of infection and it seems unless there is a successful intestinal transplant which is rare, she is destined to live the rest of her life malnourished, debilitated and under constant care and supervision.

This gnawing regret that ‘Had I been more alert and not boarded the bus, I would be perfectly fine right now in the pink of health able to go on with my life and my ambitions’ is an internal dialogue that the young girl has to live with for the rest of her life. Which brings me to something that I always mention ‘From Heaven to Hell’.

Heaven To Hell

Heaven and Hell are right here on this earth.

When all is well we are in heaven. If you are hale and hearty and healthy then you must remember that you are lucky. Enjoy this present moment. It is indeed a miracle to be alive when one realises that we live in a world full of dangers, Home Residence Security Consultants Mumbaithreats and conflicts in which our corporeal self aka our physical bodies can evaporate and vanish in the blink of an eye. We are at the mercy of a world which can turn from a nurturing mother to a marauding vamp within seconds. Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms can kill and bury us. Accidents involving trains, elevators, planes, cars and trucks can squash us. Power sources can electrocute us. Wild animals can eat us. Terrorists, murderers, rapists can mutilate us beyond recognition. Not to mention germs and viruses that are swimming around by the tens of trillions in the earth’s atmosphere and waters that can infiltrate your body anytime and turn you into a ‘living corpse’.

So take a deep breath and say, “I am happy to be healthily alive!”

Stay Alert Stay Alive

Coming back to personal safety, one of my favourite books on this topic is ‘Stay Alert Stay Alive – Criminal Reveal their Secrets’ by Michael P.S. Williams. The content of the book as the name suggests shows you how to keep yourself safe and secure by making you aware of you how criminals target their victims and thus making you aware of your own weak spots. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Detroit, the author realized that after 18 years of law enforcement, that only his law enforcement friends taught their families how to protect themselves the right way. His other “civilian” friends would say they didn’t want to scare the kids.

Only after a break-in did one of them come to him for advice. Soon after he started studying crime reports and crime statistics. He narrowed his focus to studying victims and then criminals and started interviewing victims and asking them what they did during the time of the actual crime. Then he would interview the perpetrators and ask them questions like: why did you pick a particular victim? how did you plan your crime? and where did you learn to commit a particular crime?, and other such details of the criminal mind.

The results is a book which is the most realistic and comprehensive training available to date for the common man and woman, written from the dual point of view of both victim and criminal. A highly recommended book to read and digest for everyone. You can buy the book here from Amazon –

I will set out to recollect some rules from Michael’s Book on my blog with kind permission from the publishers from time to time  – lessons that will serve to remind you on how to increase your confidence and personal safety in a world of ever increasing crime.

Personal Safety Rule #1: Do Not Look Like a Victim

Remember this very important rule! Whenever you are on the street, at the mall, at the bus stop, at the railway station or in any public forum, stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Now, you’re still asking yourself, “Okay, how do I not look like a victim?” The answer is easy — look confident. Hold your head up, stick your chest out, and pull that nasty looking gut in! When you walk, walk like you’re going somewhere, even if you’ve been there before.

Walk with a purpose

Criminals tell us that they choose their victims like a lion chooses which member of the gazelle herd is Sunday dinner!
Both of these attacking animals pick the weakest, the slowest, and the most vulnerable — the one that looks like it will put up the least resistance.

Look in a ¾-length or full-length mirror. What do you see?

Security Systems For Home MumbaiTry this little experiment: Stand in front of a mirror and close your eyes. Get a picture in your mind of Woody Allen in the movie “Annie Hall,” or any other Woody Allen movie for that matter. If you are a movie buff you know that the legendary writer / comic / film director / actor Woody Allen always acts like a nerdish, bookish, impish, bumbling, stuttering and confused character. If you havent seen a Woddy Allen go rent a DVD and watch one of his famous films like Manhattan, Midnight in Paris or Annie Hall. 

Now without opening your eyes, pretend to be Woody Allen. Stand like he stands. Hold your head, shoulders, and arms like he does. Now open your eyes and take a look. What do you see? V-I-C-T-I-M. Now close your eyes again. This time you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Terminator,” (or any other Arnold movie for that matter—well maybe except “Twins”!).

Stand like Arnold, now walk like Arnold. Now, with your best Arnold impersonation, say “I’ll be back.” Open yourHome Safety Equipment Agency Mumbai
eyes. How did that feel? My guess is that your felt powerful, unstoppable, but most of all, in control. I would also guess that when you did your Woody Allen impression, you felt small, weak, and lacked confidence. Would-be criminals can “smell” fear.

They can’t explain it, but they know it when they see it. What do you see when you look at yourself? Be honest. If you don’t look confident, start practicing. Do it now! In addition to looking confident on the outside, you have got to develop some tools on the inside.

Let’s talk about using your sixth sense.

You know that lit-tle voice in your head that says things like, “Don’t do that, don’t go that way, don’t say that.” We all have that sixth sense, but most of us ignore it. It’s a subtle, but powerful voice. I am sure the Delhi Rape Victim heard that voice when she saw a leering man inviting her to get into the bus that would take her to her destination. She would have instantly observed that the windows were empty and that the bus must have been empty. Immediately she would have received subtle messages and signals of self-survival from her mind and body –

“This is Delhi where women are unsafe. This is night time. Do not board this empty bus. Wait for a bus with more people inside” or

“This man inviting me in looks like trouble. Stay a mile away from him.”

But as history will prove, too many victims of attack have failed to listen to their sixth sense and lived to regret.

You can practice listening to your sixth sense by catching yourself in the act of leaping before you look. For example, when you park your car at the mall parking lot or at the movies at night your sixth sense will tell you where to park the car. Listen to it. When you meet some-one on the street or in the mall or theatre, pay attention to what you feel about that person and not what you think about the person. If that person makes you feel uneasy, move away from that person.

Listen to your sixth sense

On a less esoteric note, ask yourself how well you know your own neighborhood. Answer the following questions:

Where is the nearest police station? 
Where is the nearest fire station?
Where is the nearest public telephone?
Where is the nearest hospital?
Where is the nearest 24-hour drug store?

Let’s talk about walking, whether in your own neighbor-hood or unfamiliar streets. First of all, you should avoid, if possible, unfamiliar streets. But if you find yourself on foot, stick to well lit, well-traveled streets. No shortcuts, no matter how tempting, through parking lots or wooded areas. Put that expensive Rolex in your pocket. Ditto ladies, for that diamond ring. Don’t keep all your cash in your wallet or purse. Instead, keep 5 – 10 hundred rupees notes in your pocket. If someone tries to rob you, throw the one dollar bills in the air and run!

The Criminal’s Perspective

Always carry Pepper Spray

Company Selling Pepper Spray MumbaiCriminals tell us that all they really want is your cash. If they  see you are wearing a nice watch or ring, they’ll be too busy picking up all that money so they can purchase drugs. If you feel that someone is following you, change directions, cross the street, or both. Walk quickly to a well-lit area, store or restaurant. If your sixth sense tells you to be afraid, yell for help. Again, ladies, if you have to work late, ask a colleague or the night security guard to walk you to your car. Keep your keys in one hand and your Pepper Spray in the other. If you carry a purse, keep it close to your body, not dangling from the straps.

Men, put your wallet in your front pants pocket, not your jacket pocket, and definitely not your back pocket. Why? Pickpockets are trained to “lift” wallets from the back pocket. While we’re talking about pickpockets, let’s examine their MO (modus operandi). Pickpockets are everywhere and usually work in teams. The first individual’s job is to distract the “mark” (that’s you). For example, on a crowded street, someone stops you and says, “Excuse me, what time is it?” When you look at your watch, the second one casually bumps into you and steals the wallet that you have so cooperatively left in your back pocket.

I leave you with this thought: know the con even if you don’t know the con men. Know that you could get mugged, raped, molested, beaten up, shot, knifed, run over, knocked down every time you leave your house. So be alert. It could save your life.

Author Bio

Amit Sen, a commercial pilot by training, has over 15 years experience in the space of corporate investigations, handling Copyright & Trademark infringement cases, Pre – employment verification Industrial Espionage investigations, Asset & Net – Worth assessment assignments and vendor / supplier verification cases, among others. Co-founder of Alliance One Detectives – which is the best home security consultants in Mumbai. Apart from specializing in home security, Amit has also successfully completed assignments in a wide range of sectors, including the machine tools industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitality sector, specialized equipment (Oil & natural gas sector, aviation industry etc.), telecom industry & the IT & ITes sectors. These cases have all involved both offline and online investigations.

Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One. Read more about Atin here.

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